“As sea level rises coral reefs grow upwards”

Sea level has risen 120 meters in the last 14,000 years. Why aren’t the Maldives underwater?

As sea level rises coral reefs grow upwards. They thus track the rising sea level. Using the relationship between depth at which corals of a particular age are found the researchers calculated that following the end of the last glaciation, sea level rose uninterrupted at a faster rate between 8100-6500 years ago and then at a slower rate between 6000-2000 years ago. There has been a minor drop of around 0.5 metres since. This drop is indicted by emergent coral atolls i.e corals which are now exposed above sea level and are dead. That would mean that in the past sea level was higher.


Sea level rose much faster in the past.The Maldives are not in any danger of drowning. They just want our money.

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7 Responses to “As sea level rises coral reefs grow upwards”

  1. Malaga View says:

    There has been a minor drop of around 0.5 metres since.
    This drop is indicted by emergent coral atolls.

    Thank you… that is a real gem… and blindingly obvious when it is pointed out…

  2. Nonoy Oplas says:

    Yes, they just want our money. And they want more climate bureaucracies, more political power to ration and tax energy, more or endless global climate junkets.

  3. Mike Davis says:

    However what is not being said is that over time coral colonies and the islands they form tend to maintain a level relative to MLS in that region. If excessive sand accumulates winds and waves take it away unless it is anchored by vegetation. Erosion will eventually wear down the islands to below sea level unless the MSL continues to drop. Human intervention by inhabiting the islands just hastens the processes involved in erosion while restricting the growth of coral.
    The solution to places like the Maldives and Tuvala is removal of the human interference from the equation. Before “Civilization” started influencing the “Natives”( I use that term loosely) Nature maintained a balance because the population on any island could not exceed the sustainable level of that island. Technology changed that and allows overpopulation to flourish. As a matter of fact technology promotes over population.

  4. peterhodges says:

    not to mention the water had to have been above todays islands, in order for todays islands to be above todays water.

    • Mike Davis says:

      That was the last sentence in the lead post
      In some cases they have found dead coral they dated back to the Eemian. and earlier interglacials proving they were warmer and the sea levels were higher.

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