Global Warming Hitting Russia Hard!

For the past four days, autumn temperatures in Ojmjakon, Russia have been hovering around -60F. I’ll bet they are really looking forward to winter when it arrives!

Temperatures across Russia and Mongolia are running 5-15C below normal, because this is the hottest year ever and Russia is having an unprecedented heat wave.

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22 Responses to Global Warming Hitting Russia Hard!

  1. Lance says:

    My BS-CAGW model predicted this. It’s consistent with my missing heat.

  2. MattN says:

    Going to be a cold NH winter. Siberia is the birthplace of cold air. It’s their #1 export…

  3. Nonoy Oplas says:

    Russia should have requested a last-minute transfer of global climate rent-seeking meeting from Mexico to Russia. Thousands of delegates will bring in tons of CO2 emission and “more warming”.

  4. Photos of Cancun resort for the big meet

    Here’s where they’ll be leisurely talking over skyrocket your electric bill, that is if they don’t get distracted from saving the world from your car exhaust and end up swimming drunk in the pool.

    h/t Lubos Motl

  5. President Obama couldn’t get it over the fence so he’s trying for a single now:

    What’s dead for now is the ambitious climate bill that President Obama had backed….. Obama couldn’t get the bill passed this year when Democrats controlled both the House and Senate, and he has said he’ll pursue smaller measures β€” what he calls “singles” instead of “home runs”….

    Next is hoping for a walk. That could happen after the 2012 election. πŸ™‚

    • Nobama says:

      I’m hoping for his expulsion….from the league.

      About the temps in Mongolia…. gotta feel sorry for the animals. …. and the people who depend on them.

  6. Andy Weiss says:

    That’s weather, not climate! Won’t you ever learn?

  7. Cancun to save the world from this:

    ….the harmful effects of climate change, which already this year has been responsible for 21,000 deaths, twice the level in 2009, according to Oxfam….. that displaced 20 million people…. destroyed 26 percent of the nation’s (Russia) wheat crop this year….Mexican President Felipe Calderon… warming already is causing natural disasters in his nation, killing at least 60…. 1,000 in Guatemala….

    Godlike expectations:

    ….Tomorrow, negotiators will discuss a plan that formally would call on nations to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius…..

    h/t Tom Nelson

  8. R. de Haan says:

    It’s terrible, we have to start rationing energy immediately and fundamentally change our life styles.

  9. MikeTheDenier says:

    Cold Outbreak Sets Up Western Europe for More SnowBy Jim Andrews, Senior Meteorologist
    Nov 29, 2010; 1:56 PM ETShare | .A wintry cold blast that has already triggered snow in a wide area of Europe will spark outbreaks of heavy snow in the west by midweek.

  10. clearscience says:


    Who are you hoping will come in and “save america” from the socialists? Sarah Palin?

  11. Paul Pierett says:

    PM Putin ordered his people to square away the power grid a year ago in anticipation of what his scientists forecast 5 years ago.

    Our administration is less concerned about this.

    Countries in debtor’s prison can’t see much from a small window at street level.


  12. AndyW says:

    As this is a science site can you put all temperature measurements in the standard scientific values, like K or C? What’s this F baloney?


  13. Mike Patrick says:

    Is this the beginning of another COLD war?

  14. Derek Reynolds says:

    I think the ‘Cold’ will win.

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