Global Warming To Bring Back The Black Death

OSLO (Reuters) – Warmer, wetter weather brought on by global warming could increase outbreaks of the plague, which has killed millions down the ages and wiped out one third of Europe’s population in the 14th century, academics said.

Migratory birds spreading avian flu from Asia today could also carry the plague bacteria westward from their source in Central Asia, Nils Stenseth, head of a three-day conference on the plague and how it spreads, told Reuters on Monday.


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29 Responses to Global Warming To Bring Back The Black Death

  1. tarpon says:

    Of course it will. Why not look at other liberal accomplishments, like banning DDT which killed about 40 million since that hoax was started.

  2. Gavin says:

    These prophecies are comming thick and fast at the moment. The problem is they’re not dire enough.
    They need to go old-school with plauges, like rivers of blood or frogs 😉

    Syill barely plausable but more entertaining.

  3. Mike Davis says:

    If memory serves the Black Plague out break was during the start of the LIA. Contagious disease is more pronounced during cold weather because of staying indoors and reduced strength in our immune systems. That is obvious by the outbreak of Flu during cold seasons and pneumonia vaccines are recommended at the start of cold weather.

  4. TinyCO2 says:

    And if we know anything about flu, H5N1 or any other type, it likes the cold. Flu and pneumonia account for a lot of the excess winter deaths. Other little delights are the cold (aptly named) and the noro virus – also called the winter vomiting virus.

  5. peterhodges says:

    except the black death occured during cooling which followed the MWP

    they were building all those cathedrals, then it got cold and everyone died. note the unfinished cathedral in siena. walking through some of the medeival towns is a lesson in human frailty…one block is bustling, the next is literally a ghost town.

  6. Yarmy says:

    From the (old) article:

    “In the 14th century the plague killed around 34 million people and some academics believe it reappeared every generation, including the Great Plague of London in 1665-66. The link is very important and it is also important to link it back to the Black Death in the 1300s because there were the kind of weather conditions then — warmer and wetter — that we predict for the future,” Stenseth said.

    The Little Ice Age happened from about 1300 to 1850 which of course includes the peak of the Black Death epidemic. The temps were way below what they were in the latter 20th Century. The article even mentions the outbreak in the 17th Century when it was even colder.

  7. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    Why will it come back with warmth? It occurred in the little ice age and now we have antibiotics

  8. maguro says:

    Great, this means fewer annoying Euroweenies to ignore. I love global warming climate change.

  9. Good – It means we no longer have to worry about changing our lifestyle to reduce CO2 – the coming plague will change it for us 😉 [or not]

  10. Garwoodv6 says:

    This article is old-
    Plague could worsen with global warming
    By James Kilner, Reuters
    November 14, 2005

  11. David O. says:

    Yes, the black plague will wipe out the entire population of humans on this earth, thus saving the earth for the animals. Otherwise, if humans were here to continue to destroy the earth, there would be no life at all on the planet and that would be a catastrophy.

    • Mike Davis says:

      The last time it wiped out up to 50% of the human race over a couple hundred year period of recurring epidemics. When the cold period ends humanity will repopulate in a couple hundred years unless they learn from our mistakes and restrict growth through awareness rather than suppression of any type.

  12. Neo says:

    Hugo Chávez is proof that the “Black Death” comes with warmer environments.

  13. Mike says:

    WTF? That story is from 2005.

  14. jim says:

    The next plague will be an intentional man made virus created by a complete enviro loon who believes in overpopulation. The most likely human profile to do so is heavily concentrated in Cancun this very day. The Cancun Nutfest is a mecca for grand delusionists.

  15. kuhnkat says:

    “wiped out one third of Europe’s population ”

    The environmentalists are actually upset because it isn’t TWO thirds!!!

  16. Gator says:

    Climate Change. The all purpose threat. Checkmate!

  17. slimething says:

    Some of the worst malaria outbreaks occurred in Siberia…..

  18. Lawrie Ayres says:

    I always thought the plague occurred several times during the LIA. Cold, hunger and cramped conditions are the preferred conditions for diseases such as the plague as pointed out by others here.

    Has anyone told the prophets of doom that global warming will probably mean less chance of the plague? Are they ignorant or just dumb? Or do they think we are all dumb and don’t read our history?

  19. Ed Dawson says:

    Apparently James Kilner, author of the Reuters article, knows nothing about California.

    We have plague all through the rodent populations in Southern California. Birds aren’t spreading it. Occasionally someone’s cat will kill a pack rat or squirrel and catch it, and the owner cuddles the dying pet and catches plague. And that is about all that happens.
    Ed Dawson

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