Hottest Year Ever : “Sweden braces for record freeze”

h/t to Marc Morano


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6 Responses to Hottest Year Ever : “Sweden braces for record freeze”

  1. Espen says:

    Norway experienced the coldest November since 1919 (and that’s even before including today – which was the coldest day!).

  2. AndyW says:

    Ok Steve you win, just got 15cm of snow in Kent and took mew 7 hours to drive 27 miles!


  3. Coldest since the tail end of the Little Ice age. And the sun seems to want to stay quiet. Will it get colder? How long will it last?

  4. It is far below average temperatures…… With more snow on the way in from the Baltic Sea, the current high snow depth of eight decimetres, recorded in Tidaholm in western Sweden, is set to be exceeded.

    Is this that global warming snow we’re supposed to be believing in? And the cold from global warming too?

  5. Sunspot says:

    The people of Sweden should think themselves lucky. It could have been a lot worse. This is the hottest year ever on record.

    Yer right and pigs can fly.

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