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Once They Get Started Making Things Up, They Just Can’t Stop Temperatures in Alaska have plummeted 2.5 degrees since 2004. There is no integrity behind the global warming movement. A movement dominated by lunatics and charlatans.

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The Past Decade Was The Stupidest On Record For Climate Science

2000-2010 was the decade when corrupting data records and falsifying or misrepresenting almost every key climate metric became the norm, even perhaps a requirement.  

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I’m Worried About The Polar Bears

Those poor darlings don’t have any ice to hunt seals from.

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China Grabs #1 CO2 Spot, Asks Stupid Western Governments To Commit Economic Suicide

“Now we stand at world number one in emissions volumes,” Xie told a news conference in Beijing. Rich countries should nevertheless lead with steep cuts in their emissions, said Xie, since over time they have contributed most to the build-up … Continue reading

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Cooking The Books – Part 2

Last week, The Met Office announced their plans to bump 2010 up to #1 by adjusting further corrupting the HadCRUT data upwards. This will be at least  the second time this year which they have bumped up 2010 temperatures. In … Continue reading

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Can The Independent Put Two And Two Together?

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We Don’t Understand Because We Are Stupid

What if the world faced a calamity that scientists predicted and that science might help prevent…but the general public just didn’t understand it? And at the same time, what if powerful political and business interests found it profitable to convince … Continue reading

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Australian Government Wants To Spend Huge Amounts Of Money To Make Australia Cooler

12C below normal in NSW isn’t cool enough.

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Tyndall Centre : “halt economic growth” for twenty years

They aren’t being shy about the agenda any more. In one paper Professor Kevin Anderson, Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, said the only way to reduce global emissions enough, while allowing the poor nations to continue … Continue reading

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Global Warming Hitting Russia Hard! For the past four days, autumn temperatures in Ojmjakon, Russia have been hovering around -60F. I’ll bet they are really looking forward to winter when it arrives! Temperatures across Russia and Mongolia are running 5-15C below normal, because this … Continue reading

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