Hottest Year Ever : Record Cold In Lapland

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6 Responses to Hottest Year Ever : Record Cold In Lapland

  1. R. de Haan says:

    Stockholm Temperatures Freeze Global Warming Claims
    Lessons learned from the Swedish temperature record. In science, observations must be taken much more seriously than theories or computer models.

  2. Glenn says:

    Pretty hot in Peru too,

    December 1,2010

    “Peru Government Declares Cold Wave Emergency

    This week Peru’s capital, Lima, has recorded its lowest temperatures in 46 years at 8 centigrade. In Peru’s hot and humid Amazon region, temperatures have also dropped to as low as 9 centigrade. So far this year, the jungle region has already recorded five cold spells.”

    “According to official figures, so far this year at least 409 people have died of pneumonia and ailments related to the cold weather, most of them younger than 5 years old (200 deaths) and over 60 years (158 deaths).”

    Guess this isn’t sensational enough for the media to pick up on.

  3. Morgan i Sweden says:

    Tell me about it, -18 C this morning just north of Stockholm, normally this might happen i January, but the 1:th of december?

    Visby Airport (On our biggest island Gotland, in the middle of the baltic sea), smashed its old november record yesterday, new record is 5 C lower that the old one.

    • Mike Davis says:

      It is amazing how many people are hallucinating about the imaginary cold and snow. The models show this is not happening so you folks should go out to the country for a spring pic nik. you are really having unusually warm weather. You need to learn how to trust your local Climatologists.

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