Hottest Year Ever : Record Cold In Norway


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12 Responses to Hottest Year Ever : Record Cold In Norway

  1. Paul H says:

    We have now had 2 feet of snow in Sheffield since yesterday and it is still coming down. Andy W can no doubt tell me what this is in cm but I think he will need a calculator!

    No buses are running at all.

  2. Mohatdebos says:

    I recall from a visit to the Viking Museum in Oslo that the Viking Era ended somewhat suddenly as fiords froze early in the fall and did not thaw unti late spring, limiting the amount of time Vikings could go on their “rape and plunder” missions. (Of course, the Norwegions did not use my terminology!) Hope we not heading into a sudden cooling era.

    • Mike Davis says:

      From what I have read it is possible the Vikings would not be able to go on their “Excursions” even today as it is still not as warm as the end of the MWP when the vikings were “Vacationing” in foreign lands and enjoying the exotic pleasures those lands provided! 😉

  3. Where’s that global warming?

  4. I ask again how much can believers take before they stop believing?

    Would this happening even do it:


  5. maguro says:

    But if it weren’t for global warming, it would be EVEN COLDER!

    • Espen says:

      maguor: I think that’s true, but the difference is probably somewhere in the 0.1-0.5 C-range, so I’m afraid we’ll not get the promised 2-4 C that could have been a nice insurance against the next glaciation.

  6. Espen says:

    More than 100 new cold records set in November in Norway:

    And btw Steven, that newspaper you’re linking to is a true follower of the church of CAGW (or at least it has been, let’s see what happens over the next few months ;)).

    (This morning I woke up to -18 C – can’t remember last time I experienced that before Christmas)

  7. clearscience says:

    Anecdote after anecdote… Just like when it was cold during this winter in the US… How about looking into global averages?

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