Eco-Friendly Dental Floss

I just opened up a package of “eco-friendly” dental floss which I bought at the store yesterday. It came in an opaque cardboard box shaped like a dental floss dispenser.

When I opened it up, there was no dispenser – just a roll of dental floss. Apparently “eco-friendly” means “rip-off nearly useless product.

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4 Responses to Eco-Friendly Dental Floss

  1. Mike Davis says:

    That allows them to raise the price also! Who needs those pesky dispensers that keep the floss neat and tidy? That means you buy less than the new unconstrained packaging which allows the floss to be creative in its disarray. You just want to restrict the floss’ natural creative abilities. May you should be reported to the Floss Awareness Council! šŸ˜‰

  2. etudiant says:

    Truly a wonderful marketing concept, charge more for something that is not there.
    A logical extension of the “eco packaging” product sold to Steve would be the “eco diet” cereal,
    containing only half the amount of cereal of a regular package.

  3. ecogrrl says:

    um, dude, if you open the box up correctly, the box IS the dispenser – you thread the floss into the hole and it even has the little metal thing to tear off the floss. it’s not ‘just a roll’, and it eliminates a hard plastic container. try again.

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