Anesthetic gases contribute to global warming


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15 Responses to Anesthetic gases contribute to global warming

  1. PhilJourdan says:

    Next innovation of man – anathesia-less surgery!

    • That had to be done in the Civil War. What a horror that war must have been. To think, in the beginning weeks of it people used to lay out blankets in the hills above where they heard a battle was going to take place and have a picnic to watch—until one of the armies would retreat and run up the hill toward them. Ya, then the screaming started, though they had already lost their appetite by then from watching.

  2. BioBob says:

    Ack – these people are well and truly delusional, LOL.

    I notice that they did not provide any actual trace gas concentration analysis for these “contaminants”. It would be interesting if they even could be found at any measurable level at all outside of the hospital.

  3. Paul H says:

    I don’t know why we don’t all commit suicide and stop contaminating the planet.

  4. R. de Haan says:

    Liste to Jim Infofe, I was right and they were wrong wrong, So is Gore and he’s depressed about Cancun.
    But they will never give up.

    Obama will try to achieve in an administrative way what he couldn’t achieve in Congress.

  5. PJB says:

    Speaking of noxious gases, this emanation on CNN

    prompted me to comment thusly”

    Sadly, the perversion of science, as evidenced by the climategate e-mails, has shown to what depths individuals are capable of sinking when overcome by agenda and groupthink. Policymakers are wise to be wary of Cassandras and Sybelline prophecies of doom. This planet’s resiliency and natural control systems are suited to handling small perturbations. This includes the miniscule effect of CO2 concentration. Pimped out climate models on CO2 steroids notwithstanding, the evidence is what denies CAGW and the proponents of reason are those individuals that look at the reality of climate change and see that the “Mann-made” changes are local and localized. Having created RealClimate to “Mann” the barricades of warming alarmism, Mr. Schmidt must rely on censor and vitriol to “control” the debate on “his” blog. Are our tax dollars really paying his GISS salary? How sad as well.

    • Mike Davis says:

      A! HA! the GAV! He is the Epitome of Pathological science. His web site should be renamed to fit the output from there Surrealclimate. Gav and his Cadre of minions of the Chicken Little Brigade that dance to the string pulls by the puppet masters.

  6. Henry chance says:

    GE purchased Ohio years ago. They build this equipment and other respiratory therapy machines. An anaesthesia machine can be ordered with a CO2 cannister. CO2 is actually placed into your mask. CO2 is required to keep your heart from stopping. CO2 levels in your blood gases regulae your heart rate. Fluothane is used often but the amount is low. Nitrous oxide use is high enough, many operating rooms have hoses that connect to bulk and large pressure vessels. NOX is also argued to be a pollutant even tho crops take Nitrogen out of the air and fixate it in the soil. alfalfa is a good example.

  7. My wife alerted me to a similar article in the British Journal of Anaesthesia.

    The editorial is here:

    Their issue paper is linked to inside.

  8. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    Yippppee back to the middle ages

  9. R. de Haan says:

    That’s why all the greens refuse anesthetics when they need an operation.
    They put a stick of wood in their mouth and bite it out.

  10. Some fellow that used to often get posted at WUWT (I’ll leave his name unmentioned, though jeez(I’ll leave him unnamed too) and Mosher apparently liked him a lot) said the traffic jams in China were caused by coal trucks. In all the photos I’ve seen of these traffic jams it’s been hard to pick out just which vehicles are loaded with coal. Truth is I haven’t been able to find one, though I know there has to be coal trucks somewhere in these jams.

    Anyone see one in this photo??

    I would guess that most people in the vehicles in all these traffic jams are happy to have a car and a good, steady job…… or should I say they were unhappy to get a car?

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