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Another USHCN Oregon Site With No Warming

More evidence that the OCCRI claims are bogus. Raw thermometer data shows a significant decline. Adjusted data hides most of the decline, but still no warming trend. The 1930s was the hottest.

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Guardian Supports Warmist Scum Threatening Children Over Christmas

http://www.guardian.co.uk/ If they are worried about the North Pole melting at -35C, why don’t they move Santa’s Workshop to the UK?

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The Oregon Story Gets Worse

Every Oregon station in the U.S. Historical Climatology Network showed an increase in annual average temperature in the 20th century http://www.oregonlive.com/ The graph above shows that statement isn’t correct, even for the adjusted data. Pilot Rock, Oregon shows no warming. … Continue reading

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The Great White Hurricane of 1888

New York received five feet of snow, with drifts taller than 50 feet. At least 400 people died. Winds were close to 50 mph. CO2 levels were 294 ppm, far below Hansen’s safe and stable 350 ppm. The days before … Continue reading

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NSIDC Showing Global Ice Extent Above Normal

I took the NSIDC Arctic (red) and Antarctic (blue) graphs, overlaid them, stretched  the Antarctic y-axis to make the scales identical, and offset the y-axis to make the current Arctic extent line up with the average Antarctic extent. By doing … Continue reading

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Rural Pubs Running Out Of Beer


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SMH : US Leads List Of CO2 “Drug Dealers”

http://arcticfocus.com/ ”Ninety per cent of all coal reserves in the world can be found in six countries: the US, India, China, Russia, South Africa, and of course Australia,” he says. ”The whole CO2 emissions problem is only six countries. Those … Continue reading

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