Rural Pubs Running Out Of Beer

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17 Responses to Rural Pubs Running Out Of Beer

  1. Mike Davis says:

    Now that is something to be alarmed about!

  2. Sundance says:

    Dear Steven,

    I’m not sure if you have come across this new meme being perpetuated, but some in the press are trying to blame all this cold and deaths in Europe on the Gulf oil spill. It is worth reading for a good laugh especially when you check the sources, which are circular and involving bat shit crazies from a radio station and a nutritional web site. With bat shit crazies like this, can the day be far away when they try to come after you and me with charges of being an eco-criminals?

  3. Byz says:

    Chelsea also running out of wins!!

    A month ago Arsenal were 8 points behind Chelsea now the are two points ahead 😮

    And that was after Chelsea beat Arsenal.

    Was it due to the cold weather or… Ray Wilkins leaving?

    Maybe you should do another Chelsea post (I did warn you this might happen when you were crowing early in the season)

    PS if it’s off topic you haven’t given me the chance recently of being on topic 😀

  4. lance says:

    Now that is a Travesty!

  5. OT

    UAH oct update: “2010 is now in a dead heat with 1998 for warmest year.”

    Temperature went slightly up at the end of 1998. Temperature should continue down at the end of 2010. 2010 should end up slightly cooler than 1998.

    end of 1998:

    from area in pink in this graph:

  6. U NO HOO says:

    Blimey, those poor limeys.

  7. MikeTheDenier says:

    Fire up the still!!! Have these brits no imagination???

  8. NoMoreGore says:

    The untold horror of climate change…er, uh, GCD…. 🙂

  9. Malaga View says:

    Snow forces eight-day lock-in at Kirkbymoorside pub
    The Lion Inn at Blakey Ridge, near Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire, was cut off since Friday last week, as 20ft (6.1m) of snow drifted against the pub.

  10. Malaga View says:

    Global Warming [roll eyes] is really dangerous…

    A&E admissions up 250% at Cardiff hospital in freeze
    Accident admissions to Wales’ largest hospital shot up by 250% this weekend, mostly due to falls and trips on ice. The University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff said it was dealing with “a surge in demand” caused by the weather.

  11. Malaga View says:

    Crawling along with perfect regulations and a relaxed government response….

    HGV delivery driving rules relaxed temporarily
    Rules governing the length of time HGV drivers can stay at the wheel have been relaxed due to the severe weather. The move was introduced temporarily so that hauliers can distribute food supplies, as well as oil and gas to domestic and agricultural premises and de-icer products to airports. The rules were relaxed for snow ploughs, gritters and fuel delivery drivers on Friday, with a nine-hour driving limit increased to 10 hours and the raising of the 56-hour weekly limit.

  12. Malaga View says:

    White stuff and nonsense
    Conservative MP, Charlie Elphicke, rang in and told me he wanted to get the message across that people could clear the snow on the pavements outside their homes if they wished to. “You see,” he went on, “last year, if you can credit it, my constituents were warned that if they did clear it they could be prosecuted for being a nuisance.”

  13. U NO HOO says:

    Ohhh myy Gaaawwwddddd, what if the beer gets COLD from all that snow?

    Just aksing.

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