SMH : US Leads List Of CO2 “Drug Dealers”

”Ninety per cent of all coal reserves in the world can be found in six countries: the US, India, China, Russia, South Africa, and of course Australia,” he says. ”The whole CO2 emissions problem is only six countries. Those are the drug dealers when it comes to selling coal. If these six countries would stop selling coal, there would be no problem at all.”

How many hundreds millions of people would be freezing right now if theses countries stopped selling coal? These eco-loonies seem to be proposing genocide.

h/t to Marc Morano

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9 Responses to SMH : US Leads List Of CO2 “Drug Dealers”

  1. nigelf says:

    Of course they seem to be proposing genocide! Take a look at what the leaders of these environmental groups have said in the past and it becomes crystal clear.
    I’m not tarring all members of these groups as thinking this way but they’re all just useful idiots for the end game of depopulation.

    • Mike Davis says:

      If the members pay dues or provide donations to these groups it is as bad as funding any other terrorist campaign, such as the Democrat party! 😉

  2. Sundance says:

    I just did some research on coal and found that China is using 3 times as much coal as the USA with demand ramping up to reach a level 4 times greater than the USA on an annual basis. China only has reserves enough to last another 35 years. The USA use of coal has been flat for quite some time and the amount exported is miniscule as a % of anuual use worldwide. The real potential bonanza in new energy sources (besides nuclear) is Clathrate Hydrate extraction with estimated reserves that are twice as large as the total of combined reserves of coal, oil and gas that have ever existed. BTW Japan is leading the world in research to find a cheap way of extraction and estimate that they will be up and running by 2018. Can coal power plants be converted to gas relatively inexpensively? Hmmm let me think. Hey wait a minute didn’t Japan just announce in Cancun that they would not renew Kyoto? What a shock! Next thing you know Russia (also working on Clathrate Hydrate) will be saying global warming is good.

    Anyway lots to think about and someday I hope to put it all together and figure out why a worldwide cap on carbon fell apart. Someday. lol

  3. Robert of Ottawa says:

    OK so we should go after the dealers than the cpnsumers. Hey, Mr. Greeno-racist, how about demanding reform and cure of the Chinese Carbon Habit?

  4. Lawrie Ayres says:

    I wonder if the ecoloons realise that without coal they would not be in such a favoured position. After agriculture, industrialisation was the step forward that liberated many to pursue activities other than mere survival. Without coal where would we be? Horse and cart, candles and living in hovels awaiting the next plague. I know one thing for certain. The Green dreamers wouldn’t be spending two weeks in Cancun in luxurious surroundings pigging out on the finest food available.

    Another horrible thought for the dreamers to contemplate at least here in Australia; with no coal and no nuclear the ecos will have to go to work and provide for their own sustenance. Something few of them do at the moment, hence their availability for meaningless demonstrations anywhere, any time.

  5. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    The Green dreamers need to be dropped off in a desert somewhere with no support and see how it is without anything. I bet after 10 min they want their mummy luxuries back

  6. Maxbert says:

    Pol Pot lives!

  7. Corlyss says:

    Looking back over the history of the eco-hysterics, whether it’s population, cold, or heat, you can readily see, you’re not an ideological twit, that population control has been their obsession. They think there’s too many people. They thought there were too many people back in the 60s. And given their track record of arguing for population control regardless of what the issue, as well as their philosophical roots, I don’t think it’s a bizarre stretch to attribute to them a desire to see forced sterilization and genocide as their tools to an end in which they rule the world, “scientifically” of course. It’s a lot easier to control a couple of billion people than it is to control 7-10 billion. They can see their control a lot easier the smaller the population. And since eco-hysteria is an elite affectation, it merges very nicely with the elites’ image of themselves as the only people smart enough to save the world for people who agree with them.

  8. PhilJourdan says:

    Notice the countries that are listed. First, you have a handful of Anglicized countries (that got their start early because of the origins of the Industrial revolution in the Anglican influenced world), and then you have the “BIG” 3 – China, Russia and India. A pattern perhaps?

    Maybe the rest of the world just has not looked for coal to the degree those countries did (and needed to do)?

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