Bastardi Nails His Forecast Winter After Winter, Drives Romm Insane

Joe Bastardi correctly called the brutal European winters the last two years – while the publicly funded climate science community went down in spectacular flames. This fact appears to have driven Joe Romm over the deep end.

Accuweather is very lucky to have one of the few long-range forecasters who actually knows what he is talking about.


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21 Responses to Bastardi Nails His Forecast Winter After Winter, Drives Romm Insane

  1. omnologos says:

    I guess this is the best endorsement Bastardi ever got. Way to go, Joe!

  2. MikeTheDenier says:

    I’ve been following Bastardi for the last few years and I’ll give the man credit. He knows what he is talking about is is one of the best in the business. I just follow his free stuff but I’m told his professioanl site is outstanding.

  3. Mike Davis says:

    Yes Accuweather is but their other prognosticators and members of the CLB overshadow his contributions.
    Romm is continuing his fantasy promotion and doing the realists a favor by publishing this garbage! He really needs to do more promoting NSIDC so people take a closer look at what they produce!

  4. suyts says:

    lol, Romm is certifiable. I haven’t seen anyone come close to Bastardi in long range forecasting.

  5. MikeTheDenier says:

    I posted Bastardi’s NSIDC response and his write up over at Romm (Wrongs) site. Let’s seee if I get past the “moderation”…

  6. Where’s all the global warmers? Can’t come out and play in the snow? Too cold?

  7. don penman says:

    I listen to what Joe Bastardi has to say but I have no respect for what the National Snow and Ice data Ice Centre has to say they are as biased as the British Met Office.

  8. Scott says:

    You can’t drive someone over the deep end who has been over it for years…

  9. nigelf says:

    This blast of verbal diarrhea from JR is only good news for Accuweather and Joe B.
    Just more ad hominem from the insane left.

  10. Dave N says:

    Anyone dare to point out (“long wrong”) Bastardi’s success rate vs the climate establishment, to Romm ?

  11. leftymartin says:

    Minor correction – Romm’s sanity, such as it at one time may have been, had long since departed for the netherworld prior to Bastardi’s forecasts of cold winters coming to fruition.

    • James Mayeau says:

      Oh I don’t know if it’s crazy per say. I’m sure Romm is paid good money for his AGW cheerleading.
      Just like I’m sure Schmidt and those twits at Sciblog are paid good money for their propaganda (can’t remember the dude’s name. Tim something…?)

      Selling out the entire human race – that could be characterized as insane, except a new mental health consensus is that narcisism isn’t a disorder – just in time for President Barry to greet the new congrress.

  12. leftymartin says:

    Napoleon is reputed to have said “never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”.

    For Romm, the mistakes flow steadily once he turns on his computer and begins his hysterical and unhinged ravings.

    He really is a gift. Treasure him.

  13. Three Names Stand Out in Long Range Forecasting.
    All Three Beat The Computer Forecast Models.
    (Something No Alarmist even Attempts)
    1. William Gray
    2. Joe D’Aleo
    3. Joe Bastardi

  14. Dan says:

    Kevin Martin over at the Southern California Weather Authority is likely above Bastardi with his UJEAS Long Range Program.

  15. I live in the SW Caribbean in Joe is our oracle. However he is not guessing but putting together a vast amount of information and experience. Some times you have to roll the dice because there are anomalies within the anomalies / specially in the tropics and particularly in the Caribbean. Reading graphs is not just enough the guy has to know about physic anthropology, geology, paleontology …… in sum long range also goes back millions of years in the history of planet Earth.

  16. Phil Robertson says:

    Joe Romm, and his cronies, have accurately observed that in one of JB’s “Monday Morning Sea Ice Reports”, JB stated a green line was representing 2007 instead of the 2006 it actually represented. Again, Romm was accurate in this observation.

    Here’s the problem:
    After watching the majority of these Sea Ice Reports by JB, that one instance that Romm speaks of is the only instance I can find where JB misread the sea ice graph (and he only misread the NSIDC graph). If there is a scientist out there who hasn’t misread a graph on at least one occasion, or made other mistakes (like spelling Joel Myers name wrong), I want to meet them as that means they’re God.

    What Romm is so misleading on is what Bastardi was so accurately trying to get across. JB’s message was that the NSIDC graph was showing less ice over the Arctic for November 2010, as compared to November 2007; whereas the Danish and Norwegian sites were showing MORE ice over the Arctic for the same time period. This is not the first time this has happened, and JB was trying to raise awareness as to why the NSIDC graphs seem to show, more times than not, less Arctic ice than the Danish and Norwegian sites. And for those uninformed, the Danish and Norwegian sites are not conservative…they are very liberal in their AGW beliefs. That’s why JB uses them. While JB is conservative, his Sea Ice Report, as far as the graphs and images he uses, are very non-partison.
    As far as Bastardi’s meteorological credentials, only a moron would state that he’s a terrible long-range forecaster. He has repeatedly destroyed not only NOAA, the NWS, UKMET, and others as far as his winter, summer, and hurricane forecasts are concerned, but he has beat the models most of the time. His forecasts always come out before everyone else’s, and he is willing to stick his neck out when others cower in the corner. I became an avid watcher of JB’s 7 years ago not because of his politics, but because his long-range forecasts were so on target. This, at a time when everyone else’s forecasts almost always showed a warm bias. Has he been wrong at times? Yes. But as the man he is, he is always the first to admit it. Most of the time however, he is dead on!

    What about Joe Romm:
    He is neither a meteorologist or climatologist. He’s a physicist with supposed expertise in energy. He has investments in non-fossil fuels (which I have no problem with), and so it is imperative, from a money making standpoint, that he makes sure AGW is alive and well. It’s really serving his own self interest that makes him who he is today. While he may be an authority on energy, he is not, and I repeat, IS NOT an authority on our Earth’s climate or meteorological doings.
    There’s only slightly more than 35,000 people around the world who actually follow Romm on his free site, whereas Bastardi has millions around the globe who follow him, and untold thousands who follow him on his PAID site. On climatological or meteorololical issues, JB wins hands down any day.

  17. monkey says:

    I’ve had a number of my posts deleted on Joe Romm’s website since I simply have tried to point out the gaps in his predictions and what has really happened. Joe Bastardi may not be perfect in his forecast, but he is far more accurate than the AGW crowd. And I should note he did predict a hot summer in the Eastern US and Europe and likewise said the Southeast and Western Europe would have a cold December followed by milder weather once the New Year started which is largely what has happened. Joe Romm strikes me more as a political activist whose goal is to make the USA a socialist country and he simply uses climate change as a way of promoting this as he knows most Americans despise socialism. And BTW, I am a Clinton Democrat/Rockefeller Republican or here in Canada where I live a Blue Liberal/Red Tory and in Britain I would be a wet in the Conservatives so I am hardly a hard core right winger, just not a left wing ideologue like Joe Romm. Never mind Joe Bastardi may very well be a Democrat, asides from Global Warming, I have no idea what his politics are and I really don’t care, whereas with Joe Romm is blatantly obvious where his politics lie. He is a leftist who thinks the Democrats are too conservative and wants the party as a whole to be like the most left wing members within it.

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