Rapid Climate Change Wiped Out The Mayans 1200 Years Ago

Rapid climate change (which never happened before 30 years ago) wiped out the Mayan civilisation over a thousand years ago.


The AP reports that the Mayans are again affected by climate change – which apparently never happened before – and it is your fault for driving a car.



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6 Responses to Rapid Climate Change Wiped Out The Mayans 1200 Years Ago

  1. Dave N says:

    According to Mann, climate has never changed in the last few thousand years.

    Anyway, back to reality; AP made a monumental slip up there: “that are causing the Earth’s temperatures to rise”. Don’t they know that since the Earth’s temperatures have stopped rising, that the mantra is now “climate disruption”?

  2. Mike Davis says:

    This shows a completely different opinion about the Mayan culture:
    The AP auricle is a propaganda piece that is typical of what the AP is pushing.

  3. Bruce says:

    Thirty years ago if you wanted a grant you had to have the word ‘cancer’ in your application somewhere, ie as in ‘cure for…’. If you didn’t your chance of getting anything was zilch. Then as now the success rate for applications was 1 in 10 for Australian Research Commission (ARC) grants, so it didn’t take much to stuff your chances.

    Now you must have ‘climate change’ in your grant application. For consistency the papers coming out of this also have to say ‘climate change’ somewhere. If you find signs of polar bears being eaten by gnus then the gnus were affected by climate change at the time. If this were not the case the peer reviewers would give the researchers grief the next time they went for an ARC grant.

    My response to this was to bail after graduate school and work for industry, where this kind of guff is much reduced. Admittedly they have their own kind of different guff, hence Dilbert.

  4. leftymartin says:

    Steve – another nice little snippet. Kudos to you for dredging this stuff up, to the great discomfit of the Rommist brigades. You are prolific and your blog has rapidly become one of my favourites on the “skeptic’s tour”, and I have come to count on your site for one or two chuckles a day at the global warming psychotics’ collective expense.

    Well done and keep it up.

  5. How about a massive tsunami larger than any Human have ever recorded….
    Here is the proof that they happened…

    (hope this allows links)

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