Hansen Tells Freezing Britain To Stop Burning Coal


He apparently wants the UK to switch to motionless windmills and nearly non-existent solar energy during the winter. He also warns that if the UK doesn’t stop burning coal, temperatures will get even hotter than they are now.


He got that part right. Someone in government is definitely telling lies about the climate.




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10 Responses to Hansen Tells Freezing Britain To Stop Burning Coal

  1. James Hansen has a mental illness.

  2. Dave N says:

    I think 10 years ago when they said snow will be a thing of the past, they missed out the word “light” at the beginning.

  3. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    Listen to your lord, or you’ll be punished, it’s like the middle ages!!!

  4. Leon Brozyna says:

    More like NASA’s top boob.

    I just finished shoveling nearly three feet of global warming. I suggest he quit his day job and turn to fiction writing … give Poochie a run for the money.

  5. Alex. says:

    Another Monday morning and it is snowing heavily in Dunblane – can we please have some global warming in Perthshire?

  6. Lafster says:

    It’s currently a crisp still sub zero day as I look out of my office window at the power station that Hansen wants shut down. It’s a spectaculr sight with plumes of water vapour rising from the eight cooling towers. The last two nights have been -12c and I’m just wondering where he thinks I’ll get the power from for my work and home?

    Windmills? Don’t make me laugh.

    Why does this idiot fly around the world on fossil fueled aircraft to stop my home being powered by them?

  7. MikeB says:

    As I write this, those dirty coal powered stations are providing 40% of the UK’s electricity. It is cold enough with them, without trying to imagine what it would be like without them if James Hansen ever got his way.
    But to be fair, that vast array of very expensive unsightly windmills is also making a contribution – 0.6%.
    The inter-connect from France is currently meeting 3.5% of the demand.

  8. Charles Higley says:

    Hansen is just so logical. He put his hamburger patties in the refrigerator and is still wait for them to cook. Meanwhile he stores his perishables in the oven. Hs microwave is for flash-freezing his food, no doubt.

    The word “backasswards” seems applicable. His mindless grin is a bit disturbing once you know what he is saying.

  9. pyeatte says:

    Why does NASA keep paying this demented individule? I think it is time for him to be on a permanent curise.

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