Climate Change Causes Cancer

h/t To Marc Morano

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12 Responses to Climate Change Causes Cancer

  1. MikeTheDenier says:

    WOW, the Vikings must have been awesome chemical engineers.

  2. Myron Mesecke says:

    Now we know why they called it rotten ice.

  3. maguro says:

    Global warming – is there anything it can’t do?

  4. Bill Williams says:

    The courageous Chris Huhne is staying behind in Mexico to milk the free beach holiday save Kyoto, rather than vote on the student fees. What a guy.

  5. Nonoy Oplas says:

    In the coming months and years, we will read, “global warming causes infertility… premature ejaculation… shrinking organs… prostate cancer… breast cancer…”

  6. Bill Williams says:

    No, wait, apparently Huhne is going to fly back to London to vote, then back to Cancun to conclude COP16. I wonder how he offsets his carbon footprint from all those flights?

  7. PJB says:

    So that’s what that pain in my ass is?

  8. Amazing!. Looks like some People researching irrelevant crap try to gain some credibility by linking one piece of crap to another piece of crap (climate change).

  9. Steve says:

    Be even more afraid! – from the same newspaper, the dreaded toe splitter shrimp is
    coming to get you – because of global warming of course (not!)

  10. PhilJourdan says:

    It is now also linked with the heartbreak of psorisis.

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