New Report From Marc Morano : Consensus Collapsing Faster Than Global Temperatures

“I am ashamed of what climate science has become today,” The science “community is relying on an inadequate model to blame CO2 and innocent citizens for global warming in order to generate funding and to gain attention. If this is what ‘science’ has become today, I, as a scientist, am ashamed…Science is too important for our society to be misused in the way it has been done within the Climate Science Community.” Swedish Climatologist Dr. Hans Jelbring,

“Any reasonable scientific analysis must conclude the basic theory wrong!!” — NASA Scientist Dr. Leonard Weinstein who worked 35 years at the NASA Langley Research Center and finished his career there as a Senior Research Scientist. Weinstein, is presently a Senior Research Fellow at the National Institute of Aerospace.

“In essence, the jig is up. The whole thing is a fraud. And even the fraudsters that fudged data are admitting to temperature history that they used to say didn’t happen…Perhaps what has doomed the Climategate fraudsters the most was their brazenness in fudging the data” —  Dr. Christopher J. Kobus, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Oakland University, specializes in alternative energy, thermal transport phenomena, two-phase flow and fluid and thermal energy systems.

“Please remain calm: The Earth will heal itself — Climate is beyond our power to control…Earth doesn’t care about governments or their legislation. You can’t find much actual global warming in present-day weather observations. Climate change is a matter of geologic time, something that the earth routinely does on its own without asking anyone’s permission or explaining itself.” —  Nobel Prize-Winning Stanford University Physicist Dr. Robert B. Laughlin, who won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1998, and was formerly a research scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

“The energy mankind generates is so small compared to that overall energy budget that it simply cannot affect the climate…The planet’s climate is doing its own thing, but we cannot pinpoint significant trends in changes to it because it dates back millions of years while the study of it began only recently. We are children of the Sun; we simply lack data to draw the proper conclusions.” — Russian Scientist Dr. Anatoly Levitin, the head of geomagnetic variations laboratory at the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radiowave Propagation of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“Hundreds of billion dollars have been wasted with the attempt of imposing a Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) theory that is not supported by physical world evidences…AGW has been forcefully imposed by means of a barrage of scare stories and indoctrination that begins in the elementary school textbooks.” — Brazilian Geologist Geraldo Luís Lino, who authored the 2009 book “The Global Warming Fraud: How a Natural Phenomenon Was Converted into a False World Emergency.”

“We maintain there is no reason whatsoever to worry about man-made climate change, because there is no evidence whatsoever that such a thing is happening.” — Greek Earth scientists Antonis Christofides and Nikos Mamassis of the National Technical University of Athens’ Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering.

“I am an environmentalist,” But “I must disagree with Mr. Gore” — Chemistry Professor Dr. Mary Mumper, the chair of the Chemistry Department at Frostburg State University in Maryland, with her presentation titled “”Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming, the Skeptic’s View.”

“Those who call themselves ‘Green planet advocates’ should be arguing for a CO2- fertilized atmosphere, not a CO2-starved atmosphere…Diversity increases when the planet was warm AND had high CO2 atmospheric content…Al Gore’s personal behavior supports a green planet – his enormous energy use with his 4 homes and his bizjet, does indeed help make the planet greener.  Kudos, Al for doing your part to save the planet.” — Renowned engineer and aviation/space pioneer Burt Rutan, who was named “100 most influential people in the world, 2004” by Time Magazine and Newsweek called him “the man responsible for more innovations in modern aviation than any living engineer.”

“Global warming is the central tenet of this new belief system in much the same way that the Resurrection is the central tenet of Christianity. Al Gore has taken a role corresponding to that of St Paul in proselytizing the new faith…My skepticism about AGW arises from the fact that as a physicist who has worked in closely related areas, I know how poor the underlying science is. In effect the scientific method has been abandoned in this field.” — Atmospheric Physicist Dr. John Reid, who worked with Australia’s CSIRO’s (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) Division of Oceanography and worked in surface gravity waves (ocean waves) research.

“There are clear cycles during which both temperature and salinity rise and fall. These cycles, he says, are related to solar activity…In my opinion and that of our institute, the problems connected to the current stage of warming are being exaggerated. What we are dealing with is not a global warming of the atmosphere or of the oceans.” — Biologist Pavel Makarevich of the Biological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

“Because the greenhouse effect is temporary rather than permanent, predictions of significant global warming in the 21st century by IPCC are not supported by the data.” — Hebrew University Professor Dr. Michael Beenstock an honorary fellow with Institute for Economic Affairs who published a study challenging man-made global warming claims titled “Polynomial Cointegration Tests of the Anthropogenic Theory of Global Warming.”

“The whole idea of anthropogenic global warming is completely unfounded. There appears to have been money gained by [Michael] Mann, [Al] Gore and [UN IPCC’s Rajendra] Pachauri as a consequence of this deception, so it’s fraud.” — South African astrophysicist Hilton Ratcliffe, a member of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa (ASSA) and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and a Fellow of the British Institute of Physics.’

“We’re not scientifically there yet. Despite what you may have heard in the media, there is nothing like a consensus of scientific opinion that this is a problem. Because there is natural variability in the weather, you cannot statistically know for another 150 years.” — UN IPCC’s Tom Tripp, a member of the UN IPCC since 2004 and listed as one of the lead authors and serves as the Director of Technical Services & Development for U.S. Magnesium.

h/t to Marc Morano

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6 Responses to New Report From Marc Morano : Consensus Collapsing Faster Than Global Temperatures

  1. This is my favorite post since I started comments at this blog.

  2. Nonoy Oplas says:

    And many governments keep wasting our taxes to attend expensive global climate junkets to “save the planet”. When will rationality prevail?

  3. “Every single one of you knows more about this than Al Gore,” he tells the undergrads. “And vastly more than anyone in this present administration.”….. He has described Al Gore’s documentary as “glossy production… replete with inaccuracies and misrepresentations, and appeals to public fear as shamelessly as any other political statement that hopes to unite the public behind a particular ideology.”….. “I don’t think we’re going to have a rational discussion of this question in the present environment,” he says. “The scientists are mad because they think nobody in Washington is listening to them. So it’s all either apocalyptic disaster or conflict of interest. If you suggest that we’re not going to hell in a handbasket because the rate of global warming is low compared to so many other environmental issues that we’re enduring, then you’re accused of being in the employ of the oil companies and you’re labeled a Republican….. We don’t know that polar bears haven’t drowned in every interglacial period. Nobody was watching them back then….. There’s all this stuff about saving the planet,” he says. “The Earth is fine. The Earth was fine before we got here, and it’ll be fine long after we’re gone.”

    ~~Robert Giegengack

    -Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Science, University of Pennsylvania

    -Director, Undergraduate Major in Environmental Studies, 1971-
    -Director, PENN-YBRA Summer Course in Geologic Field Methods, Red Lodge, MT,1992-
    -Director, Benjamin Franklin Scholars/General Honors Program, University of Pennsylvania, 7 years since 1980
    -Member, Graduate Group in City and Regional Planning
    -Member, Graduate Group in Energy Management and Environmental Policy
    -Faculty Director, Concentration in EnvironmentalStudies in the Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) degree program, University of Pennsylvania, 1995-
    -Faculty Director, Master of Environmental Studies (MES) degree program, University of Pennsylvania, 1998-
    -Faculty Coordinator, Environmental Studies focus in the program in Academically Based Community Service, Center for Community Partnerships, University of Pennsylvania, 1995-

    -Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, 1979
    -Sigma Xi National Lecturer, 1983-85
    -Ira Abrams Distinguished Teaching Award, 1994
    -Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Award, Pennsylvania Department of Health, 1997
    -Senior Society of Friars Distinguished Teaching Award, 1999
    -College of General Studies Distinguished Teaching Award, 1999

  4. Michael D Smith says:

    That was an EPW report? I thought it was Marc’s.

  5. GregO says:


    Great post and good news – it’s great to hear scientists fed up with the awful fraud that is AGW. I am an engineer and I remember struggling through school with a wife and a kid and how hard I tried to get it all. Frankly, it was tough for me but I have all my life had a kind of reverence for I guess what you would call the “abstract truth” of science and mathematics and actually made my living as a practical design engineer and not a theoretician or analyst.

    Now I own a company and the engineers work for me; I still revere and study science and mathematics. It hurts to see so many more gifted and privileged than I get a good education and then go ahead and devote themselves to silly faddish nonsense like AGW instead of making a contribution to society and humanity. It’s actually revolting.

    On the other hand, it’s reassuring to see scientists rejecting this utter nonsense.

    Again, thanks for the post.

  6. Nobama says:

    I’m with Amino… NICE! I posted this one to facebook.

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