Extreme Christmas Heat In Europe

NASA has this global warming thing pegged solid.


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5 Responses to Extreme Christmas Heat In Europe

  1. John Silver says:

    Piers Corbyn will win his £750 bet.

  2. Mike Davis says:

    I thought most of the Handicappers stopped taking climate bets from Piers! Is there still people stupid enough to bet against a person with a track record like his on climate?

  3. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    Remember NASA kept debunking that there is no dwarf star or extra large planet on outer part of solar system, now what’s this?


    No NASA announcement with news conference, because something real has been found?

  4. Jussi says:

    You are right. The coming christmas will be warm. Back in 80′ and 90′ I spent christmases in northern Finland. Many times it was below -30 C. Sometimes even below -40 C. I was skiing when it was -38 C. That was little bit cold.

    Now the frorecast promises only -20 C. A warm winter day. I miss the cold winter.

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