Evo Worried About Global Warming In Bolivia


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4 Responses to Evo Worried About Global Warming In Bolivia

  1. Mike Davis says:

    Bolivia is the world’s third largest exporter of COCA products. Maybe EVO needs to stop sampling the exports for quality control purposes!

  2. peterhodges says:

    and during their winter 100’s if people died from unprecedented cold

  3. Here’s something for global warmers to worry about:

    Snow plows called off the highways in Iowa and Minnesota,

    ….near whiteout conditions….. Stretches of Interstates 29 and 76 in Iowa have been closed….. I-29 was shut down Saturday morning from Missouri Valley to Sioux City…. officials pulled plows off roads…. told drivers to stay home because of worsening weather…. The snow was expected to be followed by dangerously cold temperatures…. Travelers are advised that state roadways surrounding these areas will likely become impassable. Travel will be very hazardous and emergency rescues could be impossible.”


    This is what the models predicted we would see on a typical global warming December 11.

  4. Forecast for Tulsa tomorrow morning, 22F, in teens on Monday, cold in all of central USA, below zero in north

    This is what the models predicted for a typical December 12 and 13, ;O)

    2:21 WeatherChannel video


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