Hansen Says November Is As Warm As April

Hansen : April 0.75, November 0.74

RSS shows a different story. April 0.546, November 0.312.

Tropical temperatures have dropped 2-4 degrees. How did Hansen miss the La Niña?


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14 Responses to Hansen Says November Is As Warm As April

  1. Mike Davis says:

    Hansen et al does not deal with real temperatures just WAG estimated anomalies from WAG base extrapolations!
    He does not care if it is 75 below changing to 70 below it is getting hotter. Once the water freezes it goes from cold to friggen cold. Over 75 is warm and over 103 is hot. But I spent 50+ years in the desert and there are those who think 90 is the demark between warm and hot. It depends on H2O content in the atmosphere.

  2. Paul Pierett says:

    Not too concerned about others.

    Here in the USA since the year 2000, there has been a decline in overall US temperatures.

    We are the bread basket of the world.

    Also, there are only three months show upward trend.

    The irony of his statement is November is at the end of Fall. April begins 10 days after Winter.

    He is not providing a good comparison, as usual,let alone qualifying his data.

  3. PJB says:

    What is not surprising is that Hansen thinks that he can get away with it.

    What is surprising is that none of the other “climatologists” are calling him on it.

  4. How did Hansen miss the La Niña?

    I’m sure he’ll be happy to have an independent team of scientists and statisticians headed by Steve McIntyre and Anthony come in to his office and look everything over to find out why. He’ll offer coffee and donuts while they work. I’m sure he’d enjoy chit chat with McIntyre.

  5. Cthulhu says:

    ClearClimateCode found the same answer so….

    Obviously the reason November is so high is because that’s what the station data has come in with.

    Come on guys the source code and data used by GISTEMP has been available for years. If you think Hansen is fudging the numbers why don’t you grab the input data yourselves and run it over an algorithm you’ve checked and see whether November comes out ahead of April?

    The last poster suggests a “team of scientists and statisticians” have to go into Hansen’s office. Nope, thanks to the internet you can get everything you need for an audit without leaving the living room.

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