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Aggie Joke : Dessler Claims That Models Can Forecast ENSO

“My position is the mainstream one, backed up by decades of research,” Dessler wrote on the blog. “This mainstream theory is quite successful at simulating almost all of the aspects of ENSO. http://www.nytimes.com/ Complete nonsense. Last year at this time, … Continue reading

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Cancun Boondogglers See Record Cold, Call For End To Warming

As if Mother Nature could care less what these deluded morons talk about. Why are we having to pay for this?

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Cancun Recognizes The Goal Of 25-40% CO2 Reduction During The Next 10 Years

Obama may well make this happen in the US through economic collapse. Evo will be proud, though I am sure he will complain it didn’t go far enough. Elections have consequences.

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Aggie Joke Punch Line

“‘Cloud feedback’ will play major role in global warming: Study” http://sify.com/news/cloud-feedback-will-play-major-role-in-global-warming However …. A small negative feedback is possible http://www.sciencemag.org/content/330/6010/1523.short You can’t make this stuff up …..

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GISS Temperatures Out Of Line With The Rest Of The World

http://www.woodfortrees.org/ GISS shows temperatures rising sharply since July. We have been having a record cold La Niña since then, and everyone else shows temperatures plummeting. GISS also showed a huge spike in March which nobody else saw. Does this have … Continue reading

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Compare GISS To RSS

GISS shows Africa hot. RSS shows Africa generally cool. GISS shows the Beaufort Sea more than 4C above normal. RSS shows the Beaufort Sea about 2C above normal. GISS has very few thermometers in either of those places. GISS shows … Continue reading

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GISS November Numbers Out

http://data.giss.nasa.gov/ GISS extrapolation shows much of the high Arctic 4-10C above normal for November, while DMI below (which has actual thermometers) shows November close to normal – for the same baseline 1958-2002. http://ocean.dmi.dk/arctic/meant80n.uk.php Looking at the 250km GISS map below, … Continue reading

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Pentagon Warns Of Extreme Heat In Northern Europe

And WMD’s in Iraq …. The scope of this report is purely global in nature – vis. “Annual average temperatures drop by up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit over Asia and North America and 6 degrees Fahrenheit in northern Europe”, which … Continue reading

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I’ll Bet This Wasn’t Discussed At Cancun


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Secretary Ban Wants Money “Now”


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