UAH Showing A Large Drop In December

During the first nine days of December, UAH has averaged 0.17 C lower than last December – which finished at 0.29. If the current trend keeps up, December will finish somewhere between 0.10 and 0.20.

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4 Responses to UAH Showing A Large Drop In December

  1. Jess Buickner says:


    Based on the weather reported in various areas of the world, your UAH prediction would make sense.

    BTW, does UAH list the average baseline temperature for each month at one of their URLs? Do they make public the month’s average temperature that they then calculate the anomaly from? (I don’t think they make it public, which I imagine causes many to question their numbers.)

    If you know where that monthly baseline information is, it would make your 0.17 figure much more believable.


  2. PJB says:

    So, Mauna Loa (something like the island in “Lost”) has been moving back in time?

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