Oceans Warming Out Of Control

Just like Hansen warned would happen.

Look at all that excess heat in the pipeline.


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6 Responses to Oceans Warming Out Of Control

  1. Mike Davis says:

    You are just trying to confuse others by using reverse color schemes! It is a conspiracy!!!!!! 😉

  2. Andy Weiss says:

    No, Steven doesn’t know how to be sarcastic. He means everything he says. Therefore blue must be hot!

  3. Sense Seeker says:

    So what does this say? Nothing.

    La nina is on this year, which brings cold water from the deep sea to the surface – where it gets measured. Why don’t you show a graph with a moving average over several years?

  4. Andy Weiss says:

    La Nina is just the area in the equatorial Pacific. How do you explain the rest of the world?

    • Mike Davis says:

      Long term ocean atmospheric weather patterns going towards their negative phases as a delayed response to the reduction of solar activity. There are claims it could take seven years or more for the responses to be felt globally due to the oceans heat retention capability.

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