UN To Limit Global Warming To 3.6 Degrees

Next week they will reduce the gravitational constant and repeal that annoying First Law of Thermodynamics. In two weeks, they will legislate their IQ’s to over 30.


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4 Responses to UN To Limit Global Warming To 3.6 Degrees

  1. peterhodges says:

    100billion in bribes, from one meeting.

    and tony made fun of me for suggesting there were trillions behind the entire scam.

    but alas, a few minutes on google:


  2. Mike Davis says:

    Are they going to plant their magic beans! Or is Mickey doing a remake of the sorcerers apprentice from Fantasia! Maybe Merlin can come out of retirement from Camelot to preform the required incantations.
    Maybe Pope Vicky can pull a spell out of her……..

  3. The UN couldn’t even control the Oil-for-Food Programme. How the f*#@ are they going to control the climate!

  4. TinyCO2 says:

    LOL, yeah I thought they were having a bit of a Canute moment.

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