Hansen’s “Hottest Year Ever” Is Primarily Based On Fabricated Data

Hansen released the map below showing a lot of hot red and brown for January-November. It is supposed to indicate that 2010 is the hottest year ever.

But there is a huge problem. Most of his hot areas are not based on thermometer data.

The map below masks off all of the regions where Hansen has no thermometer readings. As it turns out, only 25% of the red area above is legitimate data, and only 33% of the dark brown is legitimate data.

The map below shows actual coverage during the period.


Hansen’s hottest year ever is nonsense. He shows a sharp rise in temperatures after July – just as the coldest La Nina on record set in. This is horrifically bad science.



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64 Responses to Hansen’s “Hottest Year Ever” Is Primarily Based On Fabricated Data

  1. R. de Haan says:

    Don’t stop your demolition work, it’s brilliant.
    I plaster the links al over the web including the EU sites.

    The area’s now hot red on the wxmap anomaly view are colored deep purple and pink on the temperature maps.

    I really have strong doubts about the underlying data of the anomaly maps as well.

  2. R. de Haan says:

    The longer you think about it the more idiotic becomes the story.

    We have this director of NASA/GISS who is manipulating his temperature models.
    The moment he’s hit the “print” button he takes the results and goes to the nearest coal power plant to protest and blame the CO2 emissions for the temperature rise he generated himself. This is a real sicko with a gigantic grudge against humanity.

    Time to sew him or do we have another party on the job?

  3. Yarmy says:

    Well I don’t believe anyone is behaving fraudulently, but someone at GISS must be raising an eyebrow as to why their anomaly is so far from RSS/HadCRUT/UAH which are all in close agreement and, moreover, are following the typical pattern for La Nina conditions.

    • John Silver says:

      So, you don’t believe he is behaving fraudulently, you know he is behaving fraudulently.

    • Jim says:

      James Hansen is without a doubt fabricating data. He has been caught doing this numerous times, but he is protected by a sympathetic liberal administration. This man is a disgrace and should be in prison for all the damage he has caused to science worldwide.
      This is not an “oops, my bad” situation. This guy is an little better than an enviro-terrorist who has been overselling his connection to NASA to give creditability to the data he has been fradulently manipulating for years. Sorry, if it offends your generous nature, but this guy is a shameless crook who is hurting the global economy and promises to disillusion a whole generation of future young scientists.

      There is plenty of real data out there that indicates we had a significant warming cycle up until about 1998 followed by a moderate cooling the past 10 years. This year has actually been a fairly steep cooling trend since July according to real satellite data and not fudged (adjusted, modelled) numbers from GISS. They even had the sheer balls to try and sell us that near record cold temperatures were the result of global warming!
      Now, many people promoting AGW are merely well meaning dupes, but James Hansen is a wicked man . He should be fired, charged and severly punished for his crimes. They don’t even have a name for the crime he has committed – fraud doesn’t begin to cover it! Perhaps treason against humanity would be a better description.

  4. R. de Haan says:

    They were talking about the hottest year during the Russian heat wave when we still had over 5 months to go.
    The older the year became the louder the call.
    Lot’s at stake for Cancún don;t you think so.
    Global Warming is a scam and there is no scam without a fraud. Period

    • Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

      U mean the hottest year ever when it’s summer 😛

    • Paul H says:

      The Met Office was forecasting 2010 as the hottest year ever even before it had started.

    • Alistair Davidson says:

      The scam has been to incorporate in AR4 ‘cloud albedo effect’ cooling, 175% of present raw median CO2-AGW. Yet it’s purely theoretical and the theory, introduced into climate science in 1974 by Lacis and Hansen, is plain wrong.

      That’s because it assumes constant Mie asymmetry factor. The problem is Mie’s theory only applies for a plane wave and once light enters a cloud, that ceases to be the case. Also, it ignores substantial direct backscattering at upper cloud surfaces, and because rain clouds are darker internally, it’s obvious that is greater for larger droplets.

      So, we must have a neutral or a heating ‘cloud albedo effect’. If the latter, it’s another form of AGW. So, you must reduce the IPCC’s predictions of high feedback CO2-AGW by at least a factor of three and CO2-AGW could well be zero.

      After experiment failed to provide evidence for the cooling, NASA claimed enhanced reflection from greater water droplet surface area in polluted clouds: there’s no such physics. I suspect this was deliberate deception to keep the ‘effect’ in AR4.

  5. toby says:

    How come roy Spencer is saying much the same as Hansen? E.g.:

    2010 is now in a dead heat with 1998 for warmest year, with the following averages through November:

    1998 +0.538
    2010 +0.526

    December will determine the outcome, but remember that the difference between the two years is not statistically significant.


  6. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    Coldest winter ever during hottest year ever http://www.discountvouchers.co.uk/news/83653535.html

    • Graham Leslie says:

      Yes – it was the coldest winter night in the UK at the same time as – according to UAH – it was, globaly, the hottest or second hottest year ever.
      Do you have a problem understanding that for some reason?
      It was also, at one time or another, the hottest night in 18 seperate countries covering almost 32% of the land surface area of the globe during – according to UAH – the hottest or second hottest year ever.
      Do you have a problem understanding that too?

  7. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    Hey Dumb Scientist Mag calls Mexico a “Triumph” even though nothing happened?


    • Robert M says:

      Well, that is not exactly true, I believe that the perps managed to cobble together an agreement for the “rich” western countries to give a bunch of third world dictators a 100B a year by 2020.

      I’m sure the recipients will spend the money wisely.

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  10. kwik says:

    That Hansen guy is a pretty smart propaganda minister. He knows what the MSM wants, and gives it to them. MSM and Hansen together knows what hits home on the general public. Short slogans. Not too much thruth, not too much science. It will only confuse.

    “Hottest Ever”. ha!

    Hansen. Climate Science’s Dr. Goebbels.

    • PhilJourdan says:

      Exactly! Hansen is the Microsoft of Climate. They do not make the best of anything, but they are the best marketers bar none. In his field, so is Hansen, basically saying exactly what his audience wants to hear.

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  12. Hal says:

    This guy is STILL a Fed employee? How can he keep his job?
    I know Feds that have been ‘grounded’ for only trivial comments, compared to Hansen’s

  13. netdr says:

    The biggest problem for the alarmists is the FAILURE TO WARM for 12 years.

    Weather 2010 is very slightly warmer than 1998 is unimportant.

    The fastest warming during 1978 to 1998 is only 1.2 ° C per century.

    [#Least squares trend line; slope = 0.0123219 per year or 1.2 C per century]


    Whether CO2 is causing the slight warming is a moot point but who cares ?

    There is a 30 year warming and a 30 year cooling cycle overlaying the trend of about 1/2 ° C per century. As of 1998 the earth was at the top of the sine wave and the climate scientists freaked out.

    I can’t blame them with 20 years of warming just happening I might have been concerned too. Since there has been 12 years of FAILURE TO WARM because the ocean cycles [PDO and ADO] are turning negative and of course it isn’t warming.

    With a 60 year cycle and the last cooling cycle starting about 1940 another was due around 1998 and it ARRIVED ON SCHEDULE.

    Mojib Latif said essentially the same thing and almost got kicked off the CAGW team.

    He predicted 10 to 20 more years of sideways of cooling temperatures. It will be another 10 years before it gets as warm as today.

    The big picture is that the cooling cycle which happens every 60 years makes the overall warming very mild about 1/2 ° C per century. Whether it is caused by CO2 or not is a scientific curiosity but not important.

    Here is an article from the university of Alaska [ which Sara Palin didn’t write] which explains this more fully and is easy reading.

    Click to access two_natural_components_recent_climate_change.pdf

    I have studied this theory and tried to find holes it for 2 years and can’t do it.

    What do you say?

    • Mike Davis says:

      Probably more like 20 years to return to today’s temperatures if that happens. The problem is the quality of recent historical temperatures which suggests that the globe may not have even warmed since the 30s and we may yet be encased in the LIA and sliding towards the next glacial maximum. That would mean we have just experienced a short term reprieve from the ongoing cooling. There is still evidence the MWP was warmer than now and the RWP was warmer than the MWP.
      The mild climate cooling can be adapted to if countries are prepared for that but if they attempt to fight warming they go in the wrong direction.
      I have also read his work and found some information on the variability in the Arctic useful.

  14. This is at least the tenth such anomaly, including sea and temperature figures. Despite climatology working outside the rest of science as it’s capable of producing figures that differ from their peers more or less randomly, the media and IPCC simply take the hot one and ignore the rest. Anywhere else there would be an investigation, verdict, sackings and hopefully prosecutions. So why are these shysters protected totally from any investigation let alone publicity outside the internet? Not one single newspaper has ever reported inconsistent data besides the original whitewashed hockey stick despite being behind world policy.

  15. Chris F says:

    David in London, hopefully this will change when the new Congress is sworn in Jan. 2nd.

  16. Ray says:

    These learned and wise leaders see their meal ticket disappearing before their eyes. They will make more and more dubious claims to try and preserve their Golden Goose.

  17. Jimbo says:

    Hansen had told us that 2010 would most probably be be the hottest year on the record. Now he is backtracking and saying it would be tied among other years. The highly divergent graphic above says it all. Hansen is an activist and I wouldn’t trust any scientific data produced by an activist with a stated agenda. Would you?

    James Hansen Arrested Protesting Massey Coal Plant

    James Hansen in handcuffs again

    2010 on Pace to Be Warmest on Record, NASA Says

    "I would not be surprised if most or all groups found that 2010 was tied for the warmest year,…"

    2010 Among Hottest 3 Years

    • Tony Duncan says:


      what a deceiver that Hansen is.
      He said 2010 would probably be the hottest year and then he TOTALLY contradicts himself by saying just tied for the hottest year. can’t get more dishonest than that.
      if he has manipulated the satellite data that if fraud pure and simple.
      My question is why would Spencer agree with him?

    • Robert M says:

      Not only that Jimbo, but Hansen is on the record stating that he would break the law to support his activism. I am sure that he considers being in a position to cook the books as proof that Gaea is on his side.

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  21. gomer says:

    I’d like to see a map of the regions that have no true thermostats to gauge and see what colors those areas are given.

    I think we all know the answers to this, but a graphic view would be worth a thousand words.

    • ASilver says:

      I found two sites with different maps; they look fairly similar, if you take into account the difference between the rounded map and the rectangular map.
      A few years back, I saw a graphic showing the change in distribution of global weather stations. An interesting phenomenon happened right at 1990 – nearly all the weather stations in Russia up and disappeared. Apparantly, with the fall of Soviet Russia, the stations lost their funding. Another interesting piece of information is that communities in Russia were allotted their yearly gas rations under Soviet rule based on their yearly winter temperatures, giving the station operators motivation to report colder than measured temperatures.



  22. Raymond Harvey says:

    Since virtually all those recording temps state that the differance between 1998 and 2010 was not statistically significant, I find your blathering offensive. 1998 was a record breaking El Nino. 2010 was evenly divided between a moderate El Nino, and a strong La Nina. With very low solar activity. Yet there is not a statistacally significant differance between 1998 and 2010. Dr. Hansen is correct.

  23. PhilJourdan says:

    Tony Duncan says:
    January 4, 2011 at 4:38 am
    you have no clue what my side is.

    Well, we can either believe you think what you write is correct, or call you a liar. So unless you are calling yourself a liar, he does have a great deal of information on what “your side” is. And like many cognizant people, he believes you are wrong. Sheeple bleat your tune with you.

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  25. orkneylad says:

    ‘If you can print the legend or the facts, print the legend.’

    “Flood warnings: hottest year confirms global warming say experts:”

    data fraud anyone?

  26. Mark Adler says:

    We have them all and the prices are low. This week we are selling most complete lists for under $100. Contact me here for details: mark@greatdatadirect.Co.CC

  27. It’s 2012 and it’s the hottest year ever. Any more questions?

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