Arizona Almost As Hot As It Was 115 Years Ago

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8 Responses to Arizona Almost As Hot As It Was 115 Years Ago

  1. Sandy Rham says:

    Has this had any adjustment or did the 90s genuinely beat the 40s? Or UHI?

  2. Al Gored says:

    Wasn’t somebody supposed to delete the pre-1915 readings?

  3. Andy Weiss says:

    There must have been a huge urban heat island in Toombstone (sp) during the 1890s with all the gun fights and all those wild saloons. Clear proof that man, once again was the culprit!

  4. Paul Pierett says:


    2010 minus 115 years.

    1895 was around the end or start of a sunspot cycle. I can’t get to my records right now. The cycles from 1878 to 1933 were cycles of half strength compared to the ones that gave us global warming from 1934 to 2007.

    So, what’s the problem? We have been in a solar minimum for 3 years. It is going to match something non-algorian.

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