Gore : We Came In Second – They Were Next To last


Subject: The winning shirt
From: “Al Gore, Repower America” <info@repoweramerica.org>
To: “marc morano”

Dear marc,

With 2011 just a few weeks away, it’s time to send a clear
and powerful message to climate deniers and polluters:
Momentum is on our side, and we can’t be stopped.

The climate movement faced considerable setbacks in 2010.
But even the worst polluters are starting to realize that
when it comes to protecting our planet and building a new
foundation for the U.S. economy, they are on the wrong side
of history.

They can doubt us and delay us. But there’s nothing they can
do to stop our clean energy future.

Last week, thousands of Repower America members voted to
select 2011’s official T-shirt. Wearing this T-shirt is a way for
everyone across the country to proclaim their belief that our
clean energy future is undeniable.

Make a donation of $50 or more to Repower America and
you’ll receive our limited edition “Statue of Liberty” T-shirt to help
you show your support for clean energy:


Everywhere you look, momentum towards a clean energy
future is building.

The science of climate change is considered beyond dispute
by all but a few scientists, governments and NGOs.  More and
more communities and local governments across the country
are demanding renewable resources, and companies around the
globe are adopting climate-friendly business models.

I wish I could tell you that the fossil fuel industry has
seen the writing on the wall and is getting ready to change.
But you and I know that when people are in denial they don’t
let facts stand in their way.

Instead, I can tell you this: In the weeks and months ahead,
it’s more important than ever for us to continue fighting
for the clean energy future that our children and
grandchildren deserve.

Donate $50 or more today to get your free, limited edition
Repower America T-shirt:


The climate movement will never back down as long as
supporters like you keep stepping up.

Thanks for all you do,

Al Gore

Paid for by the Alliance for Climate Protection
To unsubscribe go here: http://acp.repoweramerica.org

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16 Responses to Gore : We Came In Second – They Were Next To last

  1. Mike Davis says:

    There were only two groups being considered?
    I have got to get me one of those Ts!!!!!! NOT!!!!

    • jack bacchus says:

      re the math
      2 parties
      the bad guys (al & co) admit to 2nd
      which when there’s only 2 parties means they’re last
      ergo: outcome #1 which means us (the good guys) got the big #1
      ergo 2: outcome #2 and proven by their intemperate hoisting on their very own petard…” “We came in 2nd (as noted above) – They (us) were next to last (aka al’s proud claim to 2nd)2nd)”

      Wadda ya reckon? QEDs all ’round

  2. Mike Davis says:

    I recon Brother Al has already blown through the 300 million! SO SAD!! 🙂

  3. Latitude says:

    I saved the planet and all I got was this stinking T-shirt……..

    So no more meetings in front of Congress, no more press, no more world leaders

    …Al has been reduced to advertising on T-shirts from Cafe Press……….

    • Mike Davis says:

      His new Infomercial will be released in January where he shows how White things get when they come in contact with his Magic T. Hurry and Get yours now for the low introductory price of only 10 5 dollar bills or buy two and save as two are going for the unheard of low price of 5 10s! At the end of this special introductory offer the price is expected to go up to 25 dollars and if the amazing popularity holds we are going to raise the price to 10 whole dollars!
      Be the first on your block to wear this worthless shirt and be the laughing stock of your city.

  4. Bob says:

    Another proof of higher temperatures:

  5. PhilJourdan says:

    I always loved that joke!

    As for algore – I guess his bank account is a little low now that Tipper has got him by the scrotum! Why else would he be shilling for a t-shirt for $50!!!!!! What a scam!

  6. timheyes says:

    $50 for a t-shirt. Was it made in China? What’s that about 1000% mark-up. Maybe 800% if you throw in a short printing run.

    I bet the factory is a model of energy efficiency and carefully disposes of dyes and solvents in a careful way. Or they’re tipped into the Yangtze.

  7. Andy Weiss says:

    His letter was so condescending that he didn’t spell Marc’s name with a capital “M”.

  8. Pat Moffitt says:

    “Wearing this T-shirt is a way for everyone across the country to proclaim their belief that our clean energy future is undeniable.” OK- T-shirt equals belief but what equals evidence?

    • PhilJourdan says:

      Reminds me of the sheep wearing the new slogan (well, bleating, but they at least could be taught to bleat – while most of the sheeple are not that adept) in Animal Farm.

  9. Anything is possible says:

    Please send Al Gore $50 for a $2 T-shirt.

    The insurance premiums on his luxury beach-front property have risen astronomically.

    Apparently, some idiot is putting out stories that it is about to be drowned by rising sea-levels.

  10. Andy Weiss says:

    Mr. Gore did capitalize his own name, while not Marc’s. What a pompous clown!

  11. Wow $50 for a T-shirt, Does any one else see this as an ironic representation of the actual cost of keeping warm from these record breaking cold winters?

    If I were to buy and wear that T-shirt outside where I live, I would be dead within a fue hours.
    Brrr it’s cold!!

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