Hudson Bay Almost Full Of Ice – Northeast Canada Temperatures Still Far Above Normal

Nature shows the world’s greatest climatologist that he doesn’t know what he is talking about.


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10 Responses to Hudson Bay Almost Full Of Ice – Northeast Canada Temperatures Still Far Above Normal

  1. Latitude says:

    Can you imagine how bad it would be..
    ..if it wasn’t completely surrounded by all that red

  2. Glen Shevlin says:

    If by NE Canada he means LAbrador, Newfoundland and the rest of the maritimes they are slighly above the average today… but thats weather is it not….

    Another question would be how far below average is the rest of the continent?

  3. PJB says:

    I am currently residing within that small white band and I can say that current temps (-9 C) are about typical. The lake is about half frozen over which is typical and snow on the ground (about 30 cm) is also typical.

    Looks like I am not the only one that got lucky! 😉

  4. Andy Weiss says:

    The polar bears are going to fry! Time to airlift portable air conditioning units to the Inuits!

    Actually that abnomally warm weather in Canada is a result of an extremely strong high latitude ridge. That ridge correlates with cold stormy weather in mid-latitudes where most people live. One of the weather models is suggesting DC and other east coast cities may get a major snowstorm this weekend.

  5. Paul H says:

    I presume the warmer weather in NE Canada is due to high pressure sat over Greenland drawing warmer air up from the Atlantic to the south east?

  6. Robert Austin says:

    Yes Steven,
    but notice the narrow band of white around Hudson Bay and James Bay. So the Bays are apparently normal temperature but just a few miles inland it gets smokin’ hot. And one would think that the vast heat capacity of the water in these bays would moderate the temperatures on and near the water in fall and early winter compared to what happens inland.

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  8. Andy Weiss says:

    Yes, that Greenland/NE Canada hot spot definitely seems to be related to storms bringing up warm air from the south. They were talking about how the warm Atlantic made for an active hurricane season (though nothing hit the US). The warm Atlantic may have helped spawn that high latitude upper air ridge.

  9. Marc77 says:

    There is something odd I think I remember about north Canada(my memory might play tricks on me…). 10-15 years ago, the government was about to cut the funding for the northern stations. And then, the environmentalist started a campaign to keep them open because the place was showing one of the most intense warming of the planet. Right there it smells bias because they would have let the cooling station to close. Now, if you look at some of the stations around the Hudson bay int the GISSTEMP databank, you see one year missing and the temp goes up the following year. In fact, most of the warming comes in the missing years. For some stations, there is two different years missing, and the temperature goes up on both of these years. Interesting…

  10. Paul Pierett says:

    I think it is time to set things straight.

    You don’t want global cooling. If you are looking for it, well behind the cooling is the Grim Reaper.

    You better pray for mercy for the thinning of the herds has begun.

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