“Michigan buried by global warming”

Henry Payne / The Michigan View.com

Has there ever been a better illustration of the gulf between America’s political elites and Middle America?

This weekend, a delegation to the United Nation’s Climate Summit in the resort city of Cancun, Mexico that included Washington negotiators, Michigan faculty, and Ann Arbor students returned to declare that they had come to an agreement to transfer $100 billion — that’s BILLION — to Third World countries to combat catastrophic global warming. The announcement came as a brutal winter snowstorm buried the Midwest in record snowdrifts that collapsed the Minneapolis Metrodome, drove temperatures to record lows in the south, and killed five people in the Metro Detroit area.

How many people has global warming killed?

Despite last year’s Climategate scandal that have gutted climate science credibility, the United States increased funding three-fold in 2010 to a staggering $1.7 billion-a-year to fight the phantom global warming scare at a time when the country’s federal and state budgets are hobbled by a loss of revenue from the Great Recession.

Is global warming a greater threat than state bankruptcy?

While the Cancun delegation studied the diversion of another $100 billion in tax dollars to the help Third World governments build windmills, local Michigan governments like Oakland County cut its snow and salt crews by a third to meet budget — crews that were sorely missing Monday morning as semi-trucks jackknifed on slick roads, clotting roadways and forcing backup for miles.

Is global warming a greater threat than road safety?

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13 Responses to “Michigan buried by global warming”

  1. Alex the skeptic says:

    That photo is a fake one financed by Big Oil to try to disprove the now unstoppable global climate disruption, global warming and the theory behind it. Michigan is really at +113F (+45C) today and people are dying from the extreme heat. It’s the same all over the northern hemisphere in fact. (Big Oil must have a lot of money to be able to organise such a great stunt).

    That’s why we need to put up wind turbines. These are truly fantastic machines which will produce cheap and continuous electricity all the time without fail. Therefore we shall close all nuclear, gas, oil and coal fired power stations and rely on those great big endearing windmills that one fine day will be saving the planet for our childrens’ future and we shall therefore live happily ever after by having real cold snow and a temperature of exactly minus 273C in Michigan and the rest of the universe.
    I have also informed my relatives in Michigan about the fake snow photos. (These relatives of mine seem to have immediately closed all communications with me. I do not know why, maybe because of the heat. Hope they have not died of heatstroke)

  2. Mike Davis says:

    Here in the South this morning I am watching Diamond Dust flying around outside my window at -11C according to NWS. My thermometer shows 17F.

  3. mkelly says:

    As a Michigainian (Michigander?) living in the UP it was chilly yesterday. -4 F with a wind chill of -25 F. Warmed up to 2 F this morning. Anyone who honestly doesn’t grasp how deadly cold is and thinks 1-2 C will kill us is very ignorant.

  4. Dan Pangburn says:

    As average global temperature continues its downtrend, we can hope that our new congress will recognize an oportunity to reduce the deficit by 1.7 billion dollars.

  5. ES says:

    A winter storm stranded hundreds of people on a southern Ontario highway, prompting local authorities to declare a state of emergency and call in military helicopters to help rescue people.


  6. Dan Pangburn says:

    From 2001 through October, 2010 the atmospheric CO2 increased by 21.8% of the total increase from 1800 to 2001 while the average global temperature has not increased significantly and the trend of the average of the five reporting agencies from 2001 through 2009 is actually down. They all report the results of their measurements on the web so anyone with a computer can check these numbers. The 21.8% CO2 increase is the significant measurement, not the comparatively brief time period.

    The factors that resulted in the 20th century global temperature run-up have been discovered. Added atmospheric carbon dioxide plays a minor if not insignificant role.

    A simple equation, with inputs of accepted measurements, calculates the average global temperatures since 1895 with 88% accuracy. (87.6% if it is assumed that added atmospheric carbon dioxide has no effect) See the equation, an eye-opening graph of the results and how they are derived in the pdfs at http://climaterealists.com/index.php?tid=145&linkbox=true (see especially the pdfs made public on 4/10/10 and 6/27/10).

    The future average global temperature trend that this equation calculates is down.

    As the planet cooling trend continues Climate Scientists grasp at straws to keep the grants coming. Tens of billions of dollars wasted so far. A lot of Climate Scientists are embarrassed now. Some will probably hold out for total humiliation.

    It will be a long time before ‘science’ recovers from the AGW Mistake.

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