Scientists See Their Funding As First Victim Of Global Warming Scam

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19 Responses to Scientists See Their Funding As First Victim Of Global Warming Scam

  1. Sense Seeker says:

    And your point is? Good article, but the title you gave this posting only reveals your own bias.

    • The drought which wiped out the Anasazi was caused by Anthropogenic interference in the climate.

      • Sense Seeker says:

        More of your bias – the article says no such thing. It just found that, during an earlier period of warmer temperatures (due to whatever causes), the southwest was very dry. So as temperatures rise (this time due to human factors), that may happen again.

        You often post good information, but you then make feeble attempts to discredit them by ridicule or mis-interpretation. Pity.

        • If scientists can’t explain the cause of past droughts then they obviously can’t explain their predictions.

          I apologize for expecting that readers are capable of thinking for themselves.

      • Sense Seeker says:

        If you do expect readers to make up their own minds, why put a misleading title on top? Should not be necessary.

    • suyts says:

      Can you point out anything that is good about the article? It blathers about climate change yet references similar occurrences in the past that didn’t have the ppm of CO2. It talks about other occurrences which are probably the real problem, such as population growth in the SW, but still blames the intangible meme of climate change.

      Here’s the money quote; “The ultimate costs of inaction in curbing greenhouse gas emissions will be particularly high for the Southwest.”

      No, GHG emissions don’t have anything to do with it being dry in a desert. Nor doesn’t it have a damned thing to do with people living in a place that doesn’t have much water. Turns out, a desert can’t grow trees and hydrate people at the same time. Weird.

      While I’m sure this isn’t lost on you, Sense, apparently its lost on the authors of both the article and the pinheads at PNS, the SW has been predominately a desert for many, many centuries.

      If this comes off as a bit angry, sorry, but it is insidious alarmist tripe such as this that gets me a bit animated. Climate change and GHG is causing a desert to be arid…………………beautiful. And people buy into this …stuff.

  2. L Nettles says:

    OMG!!! Steven is biased, who knew!!! How the the hell did that happen!

  3. Andy Weiss says:

    At least they acknowledge that there was a medieval warming. There must have been a lot of buffalo farting going on then to cause that warming. It’s a good thing we killed them off, or we would all be toast by now!

  4. BioBob says:

    there is always firefly farts to fill that void, so to speak.

    debatable that the Anasazi were “wiped out” but certainly their cultural continuity was disrupted – climate disruption, get it ? rofl

  5. suyts says:

    What is it about tree rings that fascinate the alarmists? And shouldn’t they have to backup the meme about warming causing droughts? It doesn’t.

    Here’s about the only thing the authors got right.

    Explosive population growth over the past century has pushed the Southwest’s relatively meager water supply to unsustainable levels of use, the PNAS studies conclude.

    Apparently, its worth mentioning, that the SW is largely a desert. (I had once irrationally thought this was common knowledge) I really don’t know what it takes to have a drought in a desert, because a desert is defined as a place that receives an extremely low amount of precipitation, less than enough to support growth of most plants. So, it’s not wet in the desert? Wow! What wild azz climate change thingy will hit us next??? Its so radical, the changes we’re facing! If this keeps up, the deserts in the SW will be barren!

    I would just point and laugh at those pinheads, except for the fact that you, me, and everyone else probably helped pay for that tripe.

    Sense, no its not a good article. Its a bunch of ignorant alarmism wrapped in wild azz assumptions and baseless talking points. Its only function is to stir up funding and to prey upon the ignorant. Its probably not criminal, but it should be.

  6. Latitude says:

    So they are saying they used tree rings to approximate rain fall during the Medieval Warm Period.
    and we have been at around that same temperature for two decades now…..

    At least they admitted to using tree rings for water and that we had a MWP.

  7. Latitude says:

    At least they do understand the PDO.
    A negative PDO makes droughts in the South West……………..

    It’s just a shame they have to lie and be so crooked about it

  8. MikeTheDenier says:

    The U.S. Should Halt All Funding For U.N.’s ‘Global Warming’ Scam

    • peterhodges says:

      i surmise that the investor class, the banks and corporations, are bailing on the carbon market scam.

      the governments not so quickly. without the owning class behind them however, governments may have a hard time pushing the carbon tax scam through.

      • suyts says:

        lol, sweet!!! So, why are the libtards whining? I was in Atlanta when it was pitched to utilities across the country. It was suppose to increase the state coffers.

        Here’s a quote from the original article, “RGGI is the first mandatory regulatory program that requires power plant operators to buy permits for the carbon dioxide they emit. Groups of states in the Midwest and West are using RGGI as a model for developing similar auction systems, according to the Climate Registry, a nonprofit trade group.”

        Uhmm, no, no we’re not. None that I’m aware of anyway. Maybe those loons in Cali, but most people don’t see additional cost to their energy bill as a positive thing.

  9. peterhodges says:

    well speleothems and lacustrian deposits tell a fuller story for the area

    it can be warm and dry, or warm and wet. it can be cold or dry, or cold and wet.

    the first half of the holocene was warmer than the second half, and the LIA colder yet.

    plant community wise, we are still in the little ice age. where i live it is called the ‘Mathis Glaciation’. some of the glaciers are still here. so i guess it follows we never really left the ‘mathis glaciation’

  10. Mike Davis says:

    What can we expect from a political activist organization. The National Academy of Science is in business to PROMOTE the need for MORE research which requires more funding from the Government.

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