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BBC Worried That The UK Is Getting Too Hot


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Experts : “irreversible ice-free Arctic in the next few years”


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Puffington Host : Global Warming Causes Diabetes And Murder


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Media Matters : Fox News Guilty Of Promoting Democracy

http://www.observer.com/2010/media/another-fox-news-slant-mongering-memos Debate is unacceptable.

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NSIDC Shows Global Sea Ice Extent Almost 1 Million Km^2 Above Normal

North and south are both close to 12 million km^2. The Arctic is deficient about 1 million km^2 while the Antarctic has an excess of almost 2 million km^2.

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Romm Says That Snow Is Caused By Hot Weather

The record snow winter in the Northern Hemisphere (1978) was also the coldest.

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Guardian Wants Everyone In The UK To Use Wood Burning Stoves

That should wipe out all the remaining forests in short order. http://www.guardian.co.uk/ Sunshine in the UK winter is very reliable.

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