UN Official Says We Must Send Him Money

“The top 20cm of soil is all that stands between us and extinction,” he told the Guardian.





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10 Responses to UN Official Says We Must Send Him Money

  1. Latitude says:

    Well you wouldn’t expect that the top dry lands official would predict less refrigerators in Alaska…………

    But I have to disagree with him.

    …… I really don’t think London will become a desert

  2. Andy Weiss says:

    I thought global warming was causing more heavy rain events. Then why are they worried about desertifacion? Make up your mind!

    I guess before the late 20th century, we had perfect even rains, no droughts, no floods. But wait a minute. Didn’t we have the Dust Bowl way back when? And the Johnstown Flood?

    • Here’s a small list of early 20th century meteorological events
      as you can see not much has changed, the people pointing at todays meteorological events as a sign of catastrophic climate change or catastrophic anthropogenic global warming have been proved time & time again to be lying in order to push up energy prices and to justify their carbon scams!

      11 August 1900,
      It was reported in the US that 26 die in record high temperatures of up to 107 degrees F.

      30 December 1900,
      In the UK Over 50 people are Dead as gales and flooding lash the country.

      2 July 1900,
      In New York Nearly 400 people die in one day during a heat wave,
      with Temperatures up to 110 degrees F (37 degrees C) in the shade.

      12 November 1901,
      In the UK, Great gales lash the country, nearly 200 die and many ships are lost.

      1 May 1902,
      In India 416 die in Dacca Tornado.

      3 September 1902,
      In Austria a Landslide in Transcaucasia Kills 700.

      25 September 1902,
      In Italy Hundreds die when a tornado strikes Catania region of Sicily.

      22 March 1903,
      In New York the US side of the Niagara Falls runs dry
      1 June 1903,
      In the Us a Tornado kills 100 people and destroys Georgia town of Gainsvill.

      10 September 1903,
      In the UK a Great storm in the south of England causes Deaths and widespread damage.

      22 january 1904,
      In Norway several were killed and 12,000 were made destitute when a Huricane swept the flames of a fire
      through the streets of Alesund destroying the town, Severe weather prevailed, entailing intense suffering upon the homeless.

      3 February 1904,
      Freak Tidal wave wreaks havoc in England, elsewhere gale-force winds and heavy rain have caused considerable
      damage to property and wide spread flooding has brought work to a stand still on farms all over the country.

      21 November 1904.
      In the East Indies 30,000 people were reported Destitute after a typhoon near the Philippine island of Mindanao.

      5 February 1904,
      In Chicago a Polar Bear freezes to death in the zoo after three nights of -15 degrees F.

      15 March 1905,
      In the UK 23 drown off Land’s End and 100 mph gales lash Edinburgh as storms grip the country.

      27 August 1905.
      In Ireland severe storms and flooding hit the country.

      7 February 1906.
      The pacific: Many were killed as a cyclone with 120 mph winds and 65 ft waves strike the Cook islands.

      8 February 1906.
      The pacific: at least 10,000 were killed in Tahiti and neighbouring islands as a cyclone with 120 mph winds and 65 ft waves.

      21 February 1906.
      Colombia: A massive tidal wave kills 200.

      28 March 1906.
      New York: The State Meteorological Office says that the science of forecasting the weather is “within our grasp”

      31 August 1906.
      London: A heat wave brings Temperatures as high a 93 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade

      4 September 1906.
      London: Huge downpour ends the heat wave.

      28 December 1906.
      In Scotland 13 die when a train is derailed by snow on the track north of Dundee.

      1 January 1907.
      China: Four million people are feared to be starving owing to heavy rains and crop failure.

      22 January 1907.
      Dutch East Indies: About 1500 are reported people killed in a massive tidal wave.

      24 January 1907.
      Europe: Arctic weather grips the Continent, It is -30 degrees Fahrenheit in Austria.

      23 May 1908,
      Uganda: 4000 deaths from severe famine in Usoga region.

      28 May 1908,
      Canada: The Civic Dam on the Current river Bursts, causing great devastation.

      24 June 1908,
      Spain: 85 drowned when the steam boat Larache sinks in thick fog off Muros.

      2 August 1908,
      Canada: During a dry August 100 die as forest fires sweep parts of British Columbia.

      1 February 1910,
      Paris: The Red Cross starts providing assistance to flood victims.

      20 February 1910,
      UK: Hurricane-force winds cause several deaths and severe damage.

      11 March 1910,
      Wales: 500 children are swept away when a damn burst in the Rhondda Valley, 494 were rescued.

      12 May 1910,
      France: Halley’s Comet causes widespread concern and fears it is responsible for bad weather.

      17 June 1910,
      Central Europe: Severe floods in many countries; 1000 die in Hungary alone.

      28 June 1910,
      Germany: Zeppelin Deutschland is wrecked in a gale in the Teutoburg Forest.

      12 August 1910,
      London: Electric street lamps are replaced by 3000 high-pressure gas lamps giving more light in fog.

      17 August 1910,
      Japan: 800 die in severe flooding.

      25 October 1910,
      Italy: Severe storms and a tidal wave lash the bay of Naples, killing 1000.

      9 July 1911,
      US: 652 deaths in a week are reported during a heat wave.

      9 August 1911,
      London: Hottest day in the capital for 70 years, 97 degree Fahrenheit in the shade.

      16 August 1911,
      Manchester: Reported that the city is living on food reserves and that famine threatens.

      26 August 1911,
      London: Reported that 2500 children have died in the recent heatwave.

      28 August 1911,
      London: Thousands Die in record heat wave and has set Britains death rate soaring. With a mortality rate for all ages of 19 per 1,000.

      4 September 1911,
      China: Reported that 100,000 have died in flooding along the Yangtse-Kiang River.

      10 September 1911,
      China: Floods are killing 300 people a day in Shanghai.

      4 February 1912,
      UK: Big Freeze takes hold as temperatures drop to as low as -35 degrees F.

      8 February 1912,
      Spain: Torrential rain brings widespread deaths and damage in severe floods.

      14 February 1912,
      London: Reported that 2 per cent of the capitals population are dying weekly from cold.

      15 April 1912,
      North Atlantic: More than 1,500 of the 2,340 passengers and crew of the Titanic died in the Icy waters of the North Atlantic, after the Great Ship sank within hours of hitting an Iceberg.

      26 August 1912,
      UK: Worst August rainfall on record, six inches in 12 hours causes floods that cut off Norwich and other towns.

      22 September 1912,
      Japan: Hundreds die as a typhoon sweeps the country.

      14 June 1914,
      London: Worst thunder storm in memory causes several deaths as four inches of rain falls in three hours.

      7 January 1915,
      London: The worst floods in the Upper Thames Vally since 1894 have driven over a thousand people into their upstairs rooms.

      22 June 1919,
      US: 200 are feard dead after a tornado strikes Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

      27 November 1919,
      A huge Meteor lands in lake Michigan, shaking buildings in nearby cities.

      30 May 1920,
      UK:At least 20 drown in serious floods in Lincolnshire.

      4 June 1921,
      US: 500 are feared dead as floods sweep eastern Colorado.

      25 June 1921,
      UK: Rainfall ends 100-day drought.

      4 August 1921
      Russia: Drought which wiped out the harvest causes famine.

      28 January 1922,
      Washington: 107 people die when the Knickerbocker Theatre collapses under the weight of snow.

      8 January 1922,
      UK: 108 mph winds are recorded in the scillies as a hurricane sweeps the English Coast.

  3. peterhodges says:

    Government is theft.

    anyhows, cooling causes desertification, warming causes the temperate zones to expand

  4. Espen says:

    The image is supposed to show desertification in Mali. But the Sahel has been greening during the supposed CO2-induced warming period since the 1980s.

  5. Bruce says:

    “The top 20cm of soil is all that stands between us and extinction”

    He should get out more. The local police would tell him they get to see lots of herbs which quite amazingly don’t need any soil at all, grown inside houses with black plastic over their windows.

  6. Andy Weiss says:

    Time Magazine said that amount of desert was decreasing, but also increasing due to global warming.

  7. BT Harley says:

    Just recently back, at the hottest time of year, from the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia, arguably Australia’s hottest, between Marble Bar, Fitzroy Crossing and Curtin Airbase (Refugee Camp), an above average year for precipitation, an above average year for temperatures, and guess what? A magnificent year for plant growth.

  8. UN officials are rich. Why don’t they send me some money?

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