Homeland Security To Begin Groping The Climate




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25 Responses to Homeland Security To Begin Groping The Climate

  1. omnologos says:

    Global warming might as well become a homeland-security issue in the hands of rabid freedom-hating warmists

  2. Mike Davis says:

    Maybe Homeland Security can look into all the ECO Terrorist organizations that are trying to spread fear around the world by claiming the Sky is Falling. A good place to start is Al Gore and Jim Hansen.

  3. Sandy Rham says:

    If anti-abortionists consider doctors fair-game, won’t meteorologists be in danger, TV ones especially. I mean, they made it snow to support their denialism, right!!

  4. suyts says:

    Nice, Orwell is still alive and well. Now we’ve a law enforcement arm to deal with? Environmental justice? $@#^R#@$ fascists.

  5. Glen Shevlin says:

    This is from the woman who was under the impression that the 9-11 terrorists had come through canada 8 years after the fact.

    Merry Christmans to All

  6. Sundance says:

    Yet another new task force to squander taxpayer money. Based on the DHS’s track record it will be interesting to see how they can leverage the facade of “environmental justice” to expand their power and control in their continuing heatrics of pretending to protect and keep Americans safe.

    Scientists Say Airport Full Body Scanners Easily Duped

    • MikeTheDenier says:

      Gaping Holes in Airline Security: Loaded Gun Slips Past TSA Screeners

      According to one report, undercover TSA agents testing security at a Newark airport terminal on one day in 2006 found that TSA screeners failed to detect concealed bombs and guns 20 out of 22 times. A 2007 government audit leaked to USA Today revealed that undercover agents were successful slipping simulated explosives and bomb parts through Los Angeles’s LAX airport in 50 out of 70 attempts, and at Chicago’s O’Hare airport agents made 75 attempts and succeeded in getting through undetected 45 times.


  7. Latitude says:

    So, in other words, we have nothing to worry about……….

  8. Layne Blanchard says:

    Hmmmm. Well, let’s see:

    1. It’s a task force to BATTLE effects of CLIMATE CHANGE on DOMESTIC SECURITY?
    (She’s into this thing for 5 minutes, and already forgot it’s GCD now)

    2. They’re doing this for “Climate JUSTICE” …which essentially means they’re going to rob somebody or do them wrong.

    Perhaps ManBearPig and Barney Frank will double team the flying public to choke, er, uh, RELEASE the Chockra of each and every passenger…… looking for “suspicious” warmth in need of “justice”?

    ………..just trying to understand…

  9. Dave N says:

    “Napolitano explained that the task force was charged with “identifying and assessing the impact that climate change could have on the missions and operations of the Department of Homeland Security.””

    I guess they found they’ll need to wear lighter clothing as it gets warmer… not that they’ll need it in the East right now..

  10. Ian says:

    I think what this means is that CAGW sceptics are going to be put on the DHS’s ever growing list of “domestic extremists”. You are a fly in the ointment of the people who own and run America, and your defiance of their program can no longer be tolerated.

  11. Charles Higley says:

    If Napolitano wants, she can consider every aspect of everything and of everything that we do as a threat to security. She can simply take over the country and our elected leader in Washington and the entire government will be replaced by DHS.

  12. Doug Proctor says:

    The number of ways CAGW can be found beneficial to one’s cause and career are unlimited. CAGW is the new Red Menace of the ’50s and ’60s, with a colour change. The CAGW players are the real GMOs to worry about: Green Menace Organisms. After finances, privacy and personal security (for the non-believers), the GMOs have us pretty much covered. Perhaps they will make me drink non-carbonated beer next. Saving the planet one less burp at a time.

  13. MC62 says:

    The inmates are truly running the asylum. This is irrational fury on steroids, but then I’ve come to expect nothing less from the left.

    • Brian G Valentine says:

      Isn’t there a “tipping point” to this?

      These people have gone past “way out there,” and past “way way out there,”

      – isn’t there a limit? Isn’t there a responsible adult around who can sort of reign them in and say, “gee, I think maybe, um, we’re not exactly contributing to ‘re-election’ chances, if there are any”

      Maybe it’s a contest of some sort, “I can out do your way-out sh*t, watch this!”

      There’s no logic to it; any reasonable evaluation of it would show that it hurts more than it helps, and there’s no end in sight

  14. Hal says:

    Climate Change and childhood obesity are now National concerns.

    Isn’t a bigger National concern the existence of IDIOTS appointed to high Government postitions?

  15. I’m still waiting for facts and figures from scientists, bureaucrats or politicians to prove that this great scam is fact and not fiction .

  16. DennisP says:

    She worried about climate but not too worried over the US/Mex Border. Smart woman, just maybe the second smartest woman in the world !

  17. Richard says:

    Don’t search young muslim men for weapons or bombs.. don’t close the borders to drug dealers or human smugglers.. LETS all seach for light bulbs that we don’t like.. Full speed ahead.. damn the economy.

  18. JeffT says:

    How’s about we just protect the freakin’ border with Mexico? Could you handle that job, first, BigSis, before we worry about something that isn’t even happening? What a pack of morons. 2012 can’t come soon enough.

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