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Life Inside The Ivory Tower

http://dotearth.blogs.nytimes.com Revkin laments that “only 6% of American scientists are Republican.” What he doesn’t understand is that Republican scientists and engineers generally work in private industry, where they make twice as much money and can work in a productive/respectful environment.

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Real Climate Explains That Cold Winters Used To Be Due To Cold, But Are Now Caused By Heat

There seems to be no limit to the willingness of these people to soil themselves, in pursuit of keeping the story alive. http://www.realclimate.org/

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Doomed Scottish Skiing Is The “Best Ever”

Tom Richard sent these over : Scottish resorts under pressure Thousands have turned up to ski in Scotland over recent weekends. However, some have been met with snaking queues and traffic jams, so is it worth the trip? Angie Brown … Continue reading

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Navy Admiral : Arctic Ice-Free In Ten Years

http://www.dailymail.co.uk He seems to have backed off a bit from 2007, when the Navy said their 2013 “ice-free Arctic” forecast was “already too conservative.” http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7139797.stm I’ll bet that Saddam’s WMDs will be found under the melted ice.

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Romm Promises “4 or 5 Feet” Of Sea Level Rise

That is almost 10X faster than what altimetry numbers show.

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“Media Matters” Continues To Be Jealous Of Fox News

http://mediamatters.org/blog/201012170032 Earth to looney left. A record cold winter is the wrong time to be picking a global warming fight.

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Where Is The Record Cold Air Coming From?

Hansen claims that The Arctic has warmed 4-8C over the past 100 years. If that were true, it would be impossible to generate the record cold being experienced in much of the Northern Hemisphere.  

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