”This is like solving crowded trains by buying the passengers a Rolls apiece.”

Ridout lashes costly climate policies

ONE of the government’s trusted industry allies, Heather Ridout, has lashed out at a central plank of Labor’s climate change policies – the 20 per cent renewable energy target – declaring it unnecessarily expensive and in need of fixing.

”Already an unnecessarily expensive abatement policy, it [the target] has been turned into a vehicle for funding the most expensive forms of abatement at a cost running into the hundreds of millions of dollars, paid by all electricity users,” she said.

”This is like solving crowded trains by buying the passengers a Rolls apiece.”



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4 Responses to ”This is like solving crowded trains by buying the passengers a Rolls apiece.”

  1. Mike Davis says:

    The ECO Terrorists do not realize that! They want the Rolls and have everyone else walk. The problem with their plans is soon the different factions would be fighting to see which sub group comes out on top of the heap.

  2. Baa Humbug says:

    Yeah that’s all well and fine for Ridout to say that now but for a long time she has advocated a tax on carbon “for certainty”.
    No one has been able to tell me how taxing something brings with it certainty. What may start off as a 10% tax can quickly rise to higher levels by revenue hungry governments (see UK).
    The only way to give certainty to business, especially the power sector who need to invest in infrastructure, is to unequivocally rule out any tax on carbon. The rest is all lies.

    She speaks as if she believes in CAGW but one can never be certain if she’s just toeing the line so that business (she is the business council leader) isn’t seen to be deniers.

  3. bruce says:

    I know this is off topic but it really galls me.

    sad part is, it is cheaper to rent a limo for every rider that uses the Seattle area train commuter than it is to operate the train.
    IOW we would be money ahead without the train and giving every rider a free limo trip to and from work.

  4. Rod from Oz says:

    A carbon tax gives certainty!
    (The tax rate will increase – until we get the pesky AGW under control!)

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