Rats Predicted Cold Weather Caused By Global Warming

Reporter demonstrates that rats are more intelligent than reporters.

Rodents foretell a brutal winter, climate change

The Kansas City Star


It seemed that the invasion was more of a foretelling of a fierce winter ahead. What the mice were telling me in the late summer and early fall seems incredibly accurate.

The last couple of weeks have been brutal with temperatures falling to single digits. We got hammered last year, too, with a lot of cold and snow.


Another possible hard winter, however, adds to skeptical feelings about whether global warming exists. The extremes we’re facing are part of climate change with temperatures creeping upward planetwide.

The greenhouse gas effect causes areas to experience more extreme weather conditions. That means hotter summers and colder winters with more precipitation. When I was in Europe last month, it rained and hailed every day. Residents said such weather had never happened, and they blamed it on climate change as the planet grows warmer.

NASA scientists reported recently that December 2009 through November 2010 was the warmest meteorological year in the 131 years of record keeping. The planet’s average temperature was 58.32 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s why the United Nations global climate summit in Cancun, Mexico, this month, was so important. The agreement to limit greenhouse emissions offered some hope that the escalating problems caused by climate change eventually will be brought under control.

The enormity of the pact and the problem is a far cry from my little mouse troubles. But what’s happening locally is tied to what’s coming globally.

I got rid of my critter problem and sealed up the holes. But the bigger worry is the planet and getting more people to believe.


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3 Responses to Rats Predicted Cold Weather Caused By Global Warming

  1. Dave N says:

    The Met Office should hire those rats…

  2. Huh, thought I smelled a rat in this global warming thing.

  3. Mike Davis says:

    Kansas City needs to get a real reporter.
    With the Climate disruption thingy they have been most of their claims wrong.
    When it was global warming before 1998 they could at least point to real warming temperatures until the little stuff like UHI got in the way of a good fantasy!

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