Trenberth Forecast 2008 : 20 Years Of Strong Hurricane Activity

“We’ve had quite an intense increase in hurricane activity,” said Kevin Trenberth, of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo. “We may be in this cycle for another 20 years.” “Storms are not just making landfall and going away the way they did in the past,” Trenberth said. “Somehow these storms are able to live longer today.”

Since he made that forecast, no hurricanes have struck the US. Landfalling hurricanes have been on the decline for almost 150 years.

Chris Landsea was also quoted in the article.

These are likely due to a natural climate fluctuation in the Atlantic,” Landsea has said evidence that global warming is affecting hurricanes “is pretty darn tiny.

h/t to Marc Morano


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9 Responses to Trenberth Forecast 2008 : 20 Years Of Strong Hurricane Activity

  1. Mike Davis says:

    It is a TRAVESTY that Kevin can not find evidence to support his claims!

  2. He must be looking for the missing hurricanes too.

  3. Baa Humbug says:

    At least the man is on the right track as far as climate is concerned.

    He’s looking for his missing heat in the oceans.
    He’s looking for Hurrianes which originate over the oceans.

    The oceans, the oceans, it’s always the oceans. (apologies to Marcia and the Bradys’)

  4. Latitude says:

    It’s easy to claim more hurricanes, when they name everything.
    Every time two clouds get in sight of each other, they get a name……

  5. DJMoore says:

    I think the truth here is clear: Mother Gaia understood, within fifty years of America’s founding, that the new nation would grow into a force to be reckoned with. In sheer self-defense, She’s learned to keep Her hurricanes off-shore rather than face punitive action. (And let’s face it: for an entity billions of years old, one and half centuries is less than an eyeblink. The Old Girl learns fast.) She needs those storms, but if they kept wrecking the Atlantic coast, sooner or later we’d learn to reign them in.

    After all, we are giving Her more energy to play with in the form of global warming; She knows we mean well. Probably the extra heat is good for Her aching ancient bones.

    But I fear Her wrath if the Gorelings turn the thermostat down and make Her shiver again.

  6. DJMoore says:

    Oh, come on. Admit it. That makes at least as much sense as the AGW schtick, doesn’t it?

  7. M White says:

    Joe Bastardis study of previous weather patterns suggest that the Atlantic hurricane season for 2011 may be one of the lowest on record.

    If it is there are implications for the winter of 2011/12

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