“Antarctica will soon be the only place to live”

Sunday, 2 May 2004

Antarctica is likely to be the world’s only habitable continent by the end of this century if global warming remains unchecked, the Government’s chief scientist, Professor Sir David King, said last week.

He said the Earth was entering the “first hot period” for 60 million years, when there was no ice on the planet and “the rest of the globe could not sustain human life”. The warning – one of the starkest delivered by a top scientist – comes as ministers decide next week whether to weaken measures to cut the pollution that causes climate change, even though Tony Blair last week described the situation as “very, very critical indeed”.


I’ll bet Saddam hid his WMDs in Antarctica.

h/t to Tom Nelson and Marc Morano

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27 Responses to “Antarctica will soon be the only place to live”

  1. Espen says:

    What’s wrong with him, does he think humans need ICE to live? These lunatics completely forget that cold is much more dangerous than hot. In fact, humans were very close to being wiped out a couple of times during the last two glaciations.

  2. peterhodges says:

    even in today’s idiocracy i have a very difficult time believing someone remotely educated could say this stuff.

    he is therefore lying

  3. NoMoreGore says:

    Sadam knew that if he staked his claim early in Antarctica, he could rule the world when the rest of it became a boiling cauldron.


    • MikeTheDenier says:

      You want Saddam’s WMD? Go poke around in Syria.

      • Layne Blanchard says:

        You’re probably right…. or buried in the vastness of sand somewhere.

        I remember reading YEARS prior to Desert Storm that the UN uncovered (nuclear)
        centrifuge components during one inspection.

  4. truthsword says:

    I find it odd they continue to double down. Makes no sense to me.

  5. Latitude says:

    First, the article is from 2004, and all of his facts are wrong.
    But, assume he’s right.
    What was the next thing that happened when CO2 levels were that high?

    …the planet went into another ice age

  6. Alexej Buergin says:

    Hadley has published the November anomaly:
    2010 will NOT be a record year, February 1998 stays the hottest HadCrut month, and the trend since 1998 is DOWN.

  7. Andy Weiss says:

    They should exile Dr. King to Antarctica if he thinks it’s so wonderful, where he can spew his BS to the penguins!

  8. Well, actually he hid them in Syria, and they’re probably scattered to all four corners of the earth by now:

  9. Brian G Valentine says:

    At least in Antarctica people don’t have to live with “President” Obama’s “real cool stuff.”

    The weather voted “President” Obama out. Not one minute too soon!

  10. Paul H says:

    These alarmists are like the Python sketch on Yorkshiremen – where they each in turn come up with ever more ludicrous stories on how tough their childhood was.

  11. Dr. Killpatient says:

    Yes…but just think for a moment: all the snowcones you could ever possibly eat!

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