“Global warming is over — at least for a few decades,”

Contrary to the commonly held scientific conclusion that the Earth is getting warmer, Dr. Don Easterbrook, emeritus professor of geology at Western Washington University and author of more than 150 peer-reviewed papers, has unveiled evidence for his prediction that global cooling is coming soon.

“Rather than global warming at a rate of 1 F per decade, records of past natural cycles indicate there may be global cooling for the first few decades of the 21st century to about 2030,” said Easterbrook, speaking on a scientific panel discussion with other climatologists. This, he says, will likely be followed by “global warming from about 2030 to 2060,” which will then be followed by another cooling spell from 2060 to 2090.

Easterbrook spoke before a group of about 700 scientists and government officials at the fourth International Conference on Climate Change. The conference is presented annually in Chicago by the Heartland Institute, a conservative nonprofit think tank that actively questions the theory of man’s role in global warming. Last year the Institute published Climate Change Reconsidered, a comprehensive reply to the United Nations’ latest report on climate change.

“Global warming is over — at least for a few decades,” Easterbrook told conference attendees. “However, the bad news is that global cooling is even more harmful to humans than global warming, and a cause for even greater concern.”


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11 Responses to “Global warming is over — at least for a few decades,”

  1. Mike Davis says:

    Maybe! However it is just natural regional ocean atmosphere long term weather patterns!

  2. Dave N says:

    “However, the bad news is that global cooling is even more harmful to humans than global warming, and a cause for even greater concern.”

    Wait for it.. the alarmists will be saying: “pour more CO2 into the atmosphere to fix it”

    • Mike Davis says:

      They will move the Goal Posts by claiming a minor error of negative results rather than positive results and their models were projecting cooling all along! The peon sceptics did not understand what was being said and distorted the message the Climatologists were trying to educate the public about!
      They were right all the time, We just misinterpreted what they were saying!
      So OPEN YOUR EARS!!!! 😉

  3. Baa Humbug says:

    me thinks more and more scientists are warming to the idea of a cooling.

  4. Baa Humbug says:

    Did any of you guys/gals hear the statement transport secretary Hammond made to parliament?

    Something in the lines of a possible step change in climate and the possible need for infrastructure investment needed to counter extreme cold weather expected in coming years?????? WtF??

    Just caught a bit of it on Oz news

    • suyts says:

      No, but would be “cool” to get a link if/when you can.

    • Ian says:

      Don’t get too exited about a possible step change in politics regarding global warming. Rather, I imagine that he is referring to the revised, Monbiot theory of global warming that claims it causes colder, not warmer, winters. They will still want your taxes to combat “climate change”, rest assured about that.

  5. suyts says:

    huh, for the next few decades and then warming again, and then cooling again? That almost seems cyclic. I wonder why we haven’t thought of that before?

    • truthsword says:

      yeah… was just thinking the same thing, like the 30-40 year cycle the media switches back and forth on… cooling… warming… cooling… warming… of course, it makes it easy to recycle stories.

  6. Tony Duncan says:

    As I recall Easterbrook predicted the cooling would start after 2007. Just off the top of my head I think he said it would be cooler in the next few years.

    • Mike Davis says:

      I guess time will tell what is going to happen as we experience natural variations in regional weather patterns.

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