Who’s Laughing Now?


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7 Responses to Who’s Laughing Now?

  1. Mike Davis says:

    That would put the condition equal to or below the coldest during the LIA and a restart of glacial advance which would result in loss of melt water for those locations in Asia and India that depend on their 5% melt water they utilize each year!
    The Ski Industries will have to relocate as the glacial advances will ruin their equipment!

  2. Baa Humbug says:

    In order to meet the harsh winter head on, Moscow authorities are drawing up measures to help Muscovites survive the extreme cold.

    So the Russian authorities are acting with logic and reason. Now over to the UK authorities (who are hiding under their beds (pun) curled up in the fetal position)

  3. Andy Weiss says:

    That depends on whether the pattern hold for the entire winter. That is highly speculative.

  4. suyts says:

    I think the cold will start causing warmth, in the NH we’ll see it somewhere around March or April.

    • Mike Davis says:

      According to my neighbor the rule here has been to never plant your above ground crops until after Easter Sunday. It seems that every year someone tries and has to replant again after Easter Sunday 8 out of 10 years since she was a young girl. She is 65 now and still lives within 4 miles of where she grew up, her father was raised, generations before them lived off the same land.

  5. Perry says:

    Baa Humbug,

    Somehow, I do not think the Russian authorities will be relying on generating electricity using the wind to any great extent. According to NETA, the installed generating capacity of 2,430 MW from wind in the UK is running at 20 MW or one tenth of one percent. Huhne wants to build another 10,000!!! Click on Generation by fuel type (table).


    We are taking 1.6% of our electricity from France on the ITRFR interconnector.

  6. Espen says:

    The story is supposedly bogus – it was traced back to a tabloid interview with Polish scientist Michał Kowalewski, and he didn’t really make such claims.

    But of course then it’s even more fun if the non-prediction actually turns out to be spot on 😀

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