CU Study : Global Warming Fuels Alchemy

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7 Responses to CU Study : Global Warming Fuels Alchemy

  1. suyts says:

    Boy, are they ever reaching!

  2. Mike Davis says:

    How well does this compare to the high resolution testing done in the early 1800s or even the 1600s?
    I am certain that satellite altimetery from those periods can provide evidence that this period is unique throughout history!
    They can counteract the effects by using the proper chants to ward of the spirits in the Zinc and thereby reduce the concentration to a more acceptable level. If memory serves, they need to build a fire using shaggy bark hickory that is more than 60 years old and sprinkle ground dried pine cones along with winter moss over the fire after the fire has burned for 20 hours and it needs to have been tended by a unclothed 24 year old virgin.

    I think that was the recipe I learned in Alchemy school!

  3. Rui Sousa says:

    I have to love science when all it says is “(…)presumably(…)” and “(…)may(…)”.

    I would like to do a study on snails speed on my garden. No funding? Wait, I want to study the effect of climate disruption on snails speed on my garden. Thank you.

    Findings: Snail speed shows inconsistencies that presumably are to be explained by climate disruption, further studies need to deepen our knowledge on this subject (may you fund my PHD study now?). Higher temperatures may be causing snails metabolism to be affected, projected 4 ºC increase would cause a major impact on snail speeds, with a deep impact on the whole ecosystem.

    • Latitude says:

      We already know that global warming is killing lizards and frogs, so you have a pretty good tie-in there……………

  4. Justa Joe says:

    The entire eco-system is calibrated to a certain well defined amount of water run-off from snow melting. The slightest deviation in volume or timing of this snow melt would be catastrophic… yeah sure

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