Romm Blames Haiti Earthquake On Trees And Hurricanes


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8 Responses to Romm Blames Haiti Earthquake On Trees And Hurricanes

  1. Dave N says:

    I severely doubt that 8 years worth of surface erosion is going to have any significant effect as an earthquake trigger, especially since the depth was 13km on blind thrust faults (faults that aren’t exposed at the surface).

    These guys really are clutching at AGW straws.

    • Mike Davis says:

      It was the loss of ice in the Himalayan glaciers that caused the earth to tilt .000001 degrees and that lead to Haiti being the weak point because they had cut down the trees that held Haiti firmly to the ocean floor. The 2008 hurricane actually shifted Haiti .000000002 mm west and disturbed the giant sea turtle that is resting just off the coast. The sea turtle stretched and that caused the shaking and destruction in Haiti. All this stuff you are told about some plates moving around causing stuff to shift is junk. It is really giant sea turtles and we need to sacrifice more environmentalists to appease the turtles because they tend to sleep peacefully when they have a full stomach and I have it from a good source that GAIA worshipers are supposed to be the tastiest to the sea turtles!

  2. suyts says:

    lol, I’m not going there to read that one. Happens all the time. Cut a few trees down and the earth shakes with anger!

  3. slimething says:

    Sheesh. Some folks must really believe the earth is like an egg precariously balanced on the head of a pin.

  4. John Silver says:

    I would prefer that everybody ignores this Gollumm.

    • Hugh Miller says:

      Understandable John, but if you did traipse over, one of the pics that was posted to the article was comparing silt levels downstream from June 2002 v. Nov 2010; Haiti must have one of those year round balanced climates where rainfall and deposits are laid down at the same rate no matter the season.

      • Mike Davis says:

        Being in the tropics Haiti only has two seasons. Hurricane season and non hurricane season! It is right in the best path for tropical storms to hit frequently!

      • Mike Davis says:

        The problem is with Global Warming there will be more butterflies born in West Africa to form stronger hurricanes. However the excess butterfly population also increases the weight on the east side of the Atlantic Ocean forcing the region west of Haiti to shift and that shift causes the earthquakes!

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