Summer In Antarctica

“Antarctica will soon be the only place to live”

UK Government’s Chief Scientist – 2004


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6 Responses to Summer In Antarctica

  1. OT, sorry

    It happened, they twisted in the wind of defeat and their reeling heads came up with this jumbled conclusion about the severe UK weather, “despite” it all global warming is happening:

    George Monbiot makes a striking argument today that the current snowstorms could be actually be caused by changes to the planet’s weather patterns as a result of global warming. He’s not alone – the Met Office chief scientist Julia Slingo told me the same. But the weather the British Isles gets depends not only on global warming but also many interacting regional factors, and research is currently untangling those.

    What is clear is the world as a whole is getting warmer and on a decade-long timescale so is the British winter. The Guardian’s weatherwatch column showed, that despite the third snowiest December since 1900…..

    h/t Piers Corbyn twitter page:

  2. Ray says:

    Take out the BBQ!

  3. Paul H says:

    Was it Chris D or Tony D who said that no proper scientists made these sort of wild predictions?

    Come on – own up.

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