The Heat In Greenland Is Unbearable

The Met Office insists that Greenland is hot.

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6 Responses to The Heat In Greenland Is Unbearable

  1. Lance says:

    Looks like a little below normal for southern Alberta for the 2nd week, and near normal for this week. However, here close to Calgary we are about to get a nice push of chinook air (otherwise known as CAGW) for the Christmas time frame. Currently, we are running about -1C below normal for the month of December. HOWEVER, I figure Jimbo could ‘adjust’ that to red…

  2. Lance says:

    Greenland though, is egg cooking temps…

  3. Dave N says:

    That’s totally weird..

    In the anomaly map, Canada is showing 10 above normal, and in the absolute map, around -20C, so that would mean normally it is around -30, yet parts of Greenland are showing 10 below normal, and absolute is around -20. That means Greenland is “normally” -10, or some 10 degrees warmer than Canada.

    Something doesn’t quite gel

  4. Cthulhu says:

    The Met Office insisted that Greenland was hot, not that it will be hot in 2 weeks time.

    As this graph shows, on Sunday Greenland had positive anomalies throughout

    And all this is rather missing the point that even in the images above there is a large red warmer-than-average (+10C) patch covering a large part of Canada. That warm spot has probably moved over the last few weeks so I wouldn’t be surprised if say a week ago it was over Greenland. But does it really matter where it is rather than the fact it exists?

    Either way the cold in the UK and northern europe is matched by warmer than average temperatures elsewhere. So the idea that the world must be currently cold because the UK is cold does not logically follow. There’s even a North/South divide in Europe:

    Surely to show that the world is colder than average couldn’t you just average all the anomalies in the various regions? If you accept extrapolated weather station data (what else are these maps based on?) then why can’t you take that data and tot up the values to see whether the average anomaly on the earth is currently warmer or colder than average? I think this has already been done in fact…

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