Climate Science Follows The Weather

Ten years ago climate scientists forecast warm winters and lack of snow, because we were having warm winters and a lack of snow. Now they forecast cold winters and lots of snow, because that is what is occurring.

We used to call them snake oil salesmen, now we call them climate scientists.

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34 Responses to Climate Science Follows The Weather

  1. Mike Davis says:

    For all the Climatologists and their puppets:

    • Mike Davis says:

      They remind me of Evangelical Fundamentalist Fire and Brimstone Revivalist Preachers.

    • suyts says:

      Thanks man! One of my favorite songs from the Jewish Elvis. In honor of the decision to induct the man in the HOF, I listened to some of my favorites from him, both written and sung. I listened for hours.

  2. Latitude says:

    I wonder what kind of person believes they can predict anything?

  3. etudiant says:

    Humility and the courage to admit the possibility of error appear to be in short supply.
    It does however clarify our understanding of how dubious medical practices such as leeching remained in use for so long, it was because the consensus agreed that it was beneficial.

  4. Andy Weiss says:

    That’s what is commonly referred to as “making it up on the fly”.

  5. Ian says:

    Okay, SS, I guess you are lurking around out there somewhere, so please deign to inform us now what CAGW theory predicts for the coming spring, summer and next winter seasons in the UK. Are they each likely to be warmer or colder than average?

  6. Good ole Charlie Onians caught onto the party line quick.

  7. Jimbo says:

    Is it true that 10 years ago non of the IPCC models predicted the heavy winters we care currently experiencing in the northern hemisphere?

  8. Jimbo says:

    “…..[c] are currently…”

  9. Jimbo says:

    June 4, 1999
    “Warm Winters Result From Greenhouse Effect, Columbia Scientists Find, Using NASA Model”

    Nov. 17, 2010
    “Global Warming Could Cool Down Northern Temperatures in Winter”

    My question is if we return to milder winters would that falsify AGW. ;>)

    • Ian says:

      Nothing can falsify CAGW theory, because way too many people’s livelihoods depend on it being unfalsifiable.

      • Jimbo says:

        Therein lies the problem. Even if we entered a mini-ice age with cold winters and wet, cool summers they will not let go of the gravy train. The only way the theory will eventually die is when it’s proponents die while in the midst of a mini-ice age.

  10. Strick says:

    I’m still having trouble understanding how with longer, colder winters we’re going to have global warming. I mean, aren’t the temperatures we’re talking about an average for the year? When exactly are we going to have time for warming with all this bitter cold?

    • Ian says:

      Good point. I wonder if the BBC’s Spring Watch series of programs will ludicrously claim evidence of an ever earlier spring season as a result of global warming as they did last year. How can CAGW cause both a harsh winter AND an early, warm spring? “Oh, what a tangled web we weave …”

    • Lance says:

      Global Cooling doesn’t exist! Global Warming has got everything covered…

  11. John Silver says:

    We used to call them dirty commie rats, now we call them climate scientists.

  12. John Edmondson says:

    You can’t make this stuff up. I love to know what the prediction is now for say the next 5 years.

    We are all familiar with the UAH plot since 1979, conveniently available at:-

    So which way will it go up , stay the same or go down?

    I think that we will see something very similar to the last equivalent point of the PDO cycle around 1945-1950.i.e. a small decline.

    If this turns out to be true, how can this be explained by global warming theory?

    So let’s here something from the warmists, what do you predict and why?

  13. We used to call them snake oil salesmen, now we call them climate scientists.

    LOL! nice!

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  15. Dave N says:

    Where did Sense Seeker go?

  16. malcolm says:

    none of these experts can accurately predict the weather next Tuesday , so how can they claim they can predict for the next decade or century?

  17. malcolm says:

    None of these experts can accurately predict the weather next Tuesday, so how can they claim an accurate prediction for the next decade , or next century?

  18. John Edmondson says:

    Cold weather caused by high pressure in Barents/Kara sea , causing cold air to be funneled towards western Europe?

    Sounds good in thoery, except there hasn’t been any high pressure in the Barents/Kara sea. Typically high pressure has been centered over Greenland and/or Scandinavia.

    Typical warmist drivel. Falls at the first hurdle. In this case a lack of high pressure where the missing ice was said to cause it.

  19. Bagrman says:

    What I had read about the resent cold that is hitting Europe is that the gulf oil spill has killed the Gulf Loop. It’s the circular pattern of water circulation that sends warm water up the east coast of NA and warms Europe in the winter. What it has done is that it allows the cold and warm thermoclines to mix now instead of staying separate. The water coming up the coast now is 10 degrees cooler then it had been in the past.

    Google gulf loops stops


  20. YaRight says:

    How top climate scientists work on the masses.

  21. red porch says:

    Global warming, cooling, dimming – whatever…

  22. Hi says:

    Whatever the case, wouldn’t changing our habits a little be beneficial. As a liberal I would leave any light I turned on, on. TVs, But mostly got out of that. And our utility company keeps raising rates ‘every year. They encouraged us to save energy, then said they need more revenue. Well they are building new plants, but should we pay the bill? A friend of mine runs a liquor store, a walk in cooler went out and he paid out of pocket.

    What would be an $80.00 bill just not long ago in winter, we get cold winters, well -5F
    is about as bad as it gets. But now can be well $300.00 Why leave a TV on when running an errand for 20 minutes when all ya got to do is press a freaking button. Ride a bike or walk for short trips, ride a bus, wear a sweater instead of running up a higher utility bill.

    My dad when I was young always complained about leaving lights on, he paid the bills
    but really, flip a switch, push a button, get those high efficiency lights, have on that has been going for 6 hourse a night, or more, for 5 or 6 years or better. I know they have mercury, that is an issue but beats having bulbs go out, whenever they feel like going, a week 6 months whatever.

    The longest working light bulb

  23. Paul says:

    Hello from Ukraine.
    I think that most objective explanation of falling of temperature in Western Europe is recirculation of Gulf Stream guys. The warm salt current follows to the North by the surface of Atlantic ocean and sets against the ice in the Arctic Ocean. Due to that big amounts of ice is melting and generating a cold fresh water. The specific gravity of the cold fresh water is less than the specific gravity of a warm salt water. So, the Gulf Stream is obliged to dive under fresh cold water layer. At the same time it is getting cold and returning to the Gulf of Mexico by bottom of Atlantic Ocean. The problem is that the layer of a cold fresh water is getting bigger with time. This layer extends to the South. And warm current dives further south than before. In near future (20 -50 years) Gulf Stream will change directions of it surface and bottom current to opposite direction. After that small ice period begins. The period of the small ice period approximately is 500 years. By the way, here in Ukraine is abnormally high temperature in December. +13 Celsius temperature in the Crimea today, but normal temperature is -5, -10 degrees. No doubt that the warmth from Western Europe is migrating to East Europe and South Russia. Turning to the economic aspect of falling of temperature – did you notice how many additional gas pipelines are building to Europe? There are Nabucco, South Stream, Nord Stream. Also in Russia are built some plants that produces liquefied gas for Europe. And all these streams and plants doesn’t compete each with other. They all are needed for Europe.

  24. walt says:

    There was a time when doctors drilled holes in peoples skulls to release the demons that caused a headache, psychiatrists that tortured people to fix physiologic disorders, religions that burned women and children at the stake for being a witch, and scientists that claimed they knew how the natural Earths weather works.
    They finally fade away in their worthless and stupid analogies, but not until millions have suffered their brainless ideas at the hands of so-called educated authorities- they all will be held accountable in the end.

  25. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    For scientists to suggest that global warming is causing all this record freezing winter weather raises an important question. Why did the IPCC not warm the world of this in any of its reports? After all, the IPCC’s 2007 report was held out to be the “gold standard in climate science”.

    The overall message by the IPCC is biased towards rising temperatures, droughts, catastrophic sea level rises, warmer summers, milder winters, disappearing snow, disappearing Arctic ice, etc etc etc. No warnings about global warming causing record freezing winters. Why? The top 2,500 scientists (or was it 4,000 scientists) were the deemed the world’s finest (so we were told) … and they forgot to mention we should expect record breaking winter weather because of global warming? Really?

    This is typical of the pseudo-science pushed by the IPCC in relation to its mantra that CO2 emissions from human activity is causing catastrophic global warming… something that the real word observational climate data is not reflecting. It makes no sense.

    To claim that global warming causes record freezing winter weather is as crazy as claiming that floods cause droughts… or that bush fires are caused by heavy rainfall!

    There is only one word to describe such illogical pseudo-science … CRAP! They are making it all up as they go along. It’s dishonest, it’s corrupt, it’s fraudulent and it’s immoral… much like all the governments around the world that are pushing all this CRAP to justify costly meaningless climate change policies.

  26. Joe Doakes says:

    You aint kidding about the snake oil . . .

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