Guardian Warns Of Hot Temperatures In The UK!

London will probably be underwater too.

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7 Responses to Guardian Warns Of Hot Temperatures In The UK!

  1. TinyCO2 says:

    If the Guardian has its way, nobody but the super rich will be able to afford to travel anywhere and who wants to stand in the check in queue behind Al Gore, David Cameron, James Cameron and Arnie?

  2. M White says:

    “Official UK climate projections published last year predicting hotter and drier summers, warmer and wetter winters”

    All the models predict that

    But there seems to be a problem with reality

    It’s not playing ball

  3. Stefan says:

    “Whilst this particular [ insert inconvenient weather event ] is not directly attributable to global warming, it is a prime example of the sorts of disasters that are far more likely to happen if we don’t [ insert bizarre action plan ].”

    IIRC that was Monbiot’s explanation the last time he was on TV following some disaster, and it seemed to be rather eagerly delivered I might add.

    It goes down well with New Age types, you know, the friendly ones who tell you that if you get cancer it is your own Karma and you must have done something to invite “it”, the cancer, into your life.

    There is so much wooly headed-ness around. Many are educated beyond their intelligence.

  4. Paul H says:

    I am sure Polly Twaddle and the rest will be safe in their Tuscan villas.

  5. Seriously didn’t they say this crap before I had to move out of my house to stay in my parents house for the past week because all my water pipes are frozen solid.

    I dare anyone from the Guardian to come and say this Bull shit to my face, Seriously they need to come back to Earth and join the rest of us in the real world, In the harsh cold environment of the real world where we have real problems to deal with.

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