Guardian : Global Warming Clearly Evident In Scotland

Meanwhile, back in the land of the non-brain-dead ……


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5 Responses to Guardian : Global Warming Clearly Evident In Scotland

  1. Brian G Valentine says:

    I can’t wait for the day that articles about “global warming” appear in the ha-ha archives of the New York Times along with articles about Martian canals, but unfortunately I won’t be alive to see them.

  2. Alex. says:

    We have wakened up to more snow in Perthshire. In the fantasy world of the Guardian it may be warming but in the real world of Scotland it is cold. No rational person could believe that the Scottish climate/weather of recent years is indicative of global warming.

    • Indy says:

      And that is why they changed the narrative to Climate Change. People are finally waking up to the scam. They base their claims on data collected and sent to a computer model. Simply put, garbage in results in garbage out.

  3. Andy Weiss says:

    It could be warming, it could be cooling or maybe none of the above. The fact is that these “experts” have completely lost their credibility.

  4. There was a big thing about butterflies disappearing from Britain some years back because of “CAGW” but after a fue hours of reading up on British butterflies I found that the common wasp carries caterpillars back to their nests and feed them to their own larva. (ants also feed on caterpillars).

    Then I followed up on the reduction of the bumble bee population over the past 3 years, I found that the “CAGW” proponents are attributing it to everything from phone masts to GHG’s, but what was actually happening to the bees was they were following a natural cycle where if the seasons are warmer their populations flourish and when the seasons get cooler they don’t, Bees simply cant cope with cold very well, if there are colder seasons bees will die off or simply hibernate, this isn’t bad news for the bees because they are capable of creating a massive population (Typical
    population 10,000) in a very short time and their queens live for many years and can lay 2000 eggs a day.

    A reasonable conclusion would be; When Britain has warmer seasons where the wasp and Bee populations are flourishing, we can expect the butterfly population to fall in response to the demand of juicy caterpillars.

    The Guardian twists the facts and puts Orwellian “Doublethink” propaganda on “CAGW”.

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