Even Trenberth Doesn’t Buy It

I am aware of some German work that suggests the cold outbreak pattern might somehow be stimulated by reduced Arctic Sea Ice. I have not seen the study but count me skeptical.

The cold and snow in Europe was “balanced” by very warm temperatures in Greenland: classical negative NAO [ North Atlantic Oscillation]: perhaps.

The was a large so-called blocking high in North Atlantic that led to the polar outbreaks into Europe and so that is where the cold air went, making it warmer in behind. Now that is more a weather or meteorological description, not a statement of cause.

Coincidentally pressures have been much above normal in the far North Pacific, and that is typical with La Nina. The pressures were high enough to make the main branch of westerlies active to the south and led to the pineapple express and heavy rains in California. It is quite a strong La Nina, and that is a forcing of the atmosphere by the anomalous atmospheric heating patterns linked to SSTs [sea surface temperatures].


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5 Responses to Even Trenberth Doesn’t Buy It

  1. suyts says:

    lol, he needs to get with the times! Warm causes cold! How many times do we have to say it before it becomes true?

  2. Bdaman says:

    Steve correct me if I’m wrong but this past year seems like the blocking highs were everywhere. Wasn’t it multiple blocking highs during the hurricane season that kept them away from the U.S. Wasn’t it the blocking high responsible for the heat wave in Russia and now the blocking high creating the cold. I know there were more instances but I can’t think of them.

    • Lazarus says:

      You are right but I don’t think it is anything unusual – too early to tell so I’m with Trenberth on this. It does depend on what this other research has found and how compelling it is. A real skeptic would wait but there is little evidence of that happening on this thread so far.

  3. Can’t stomach reading Trenberth after seeing him so much in ClimateGate emails.

  4. Mike Davis says:

    It is just a shift in long term weather patterns and this particular combination has not been experienced for many years. The next few decades will throw out reliance on a 30 year base period for a climate reference. It may also show the futility working with a fantasy of global climate.

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