Met Office 2009 : “no future for skiing in Scotland”

Skiing is ‘doomed’ … so enjoy it while it lasts

Alex Hill, the chief government adviser with the Met Office, told The Scotsman there was no future for skiing in Scotland because climate change would see winters become too warm for regular snowfall.

Environmental groups last night agreed with this claim. However, although members of the ski industry agreed that climate change was having an impact, they said the industry could survive.

But Mr Hill said: “Put it this way: I won’t be investing in the skiing industry.—


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10 Responses to Met Office 2009 : “no future for skiing in Scotland”

  1. Mohatdebos says:

    That was before, but as Tony Duncan will tell you a scientist has manipulated his model to show that global warming will result in colder and snowier winters (until we get a mild winter, which will also be consistent with global warming).

  2. bubbagyro says:

    I hope that Mr. Hill makes more statements about ANY industries, so I can invest contrariwise. I should have bought ski stock in 2009, so I could have been laughing and cavorting maniacally all the way to the Royal Bank of Scotland!

    What does Mr. Hill think about the future of wind power, I wonder…?

    • suyts says:

      lol, I don’t know what Mr. Hill thinks, but I’ve got it pegged as a sell right now. T. Boone is pulling his billions, I think that’s a good sign to “follow the money”.

  3. Mr. Hill sounds really smart to me!

  4. maguro says:

    Of course skiing is doomed. All the cool kids are snowboarding these days.

  5. Baa Humbug says:

    Maybe somebody will sue him for this obviously bad advice.

  6. Jimbo says:

    It is becoming apparently clear that AGW panic has set in. The weather and climate was always the acid test and they are getting scoulded. Why don’t they just give up this climate funding SCAM and get back to some real work?

  7. Put it this way: I won’t be investing in the skiing industry

    Any comments Tony Duncan?

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