General George Armstrong Hansen At The Battle Of Little Big Nunavut

Hansen’s last stand at the battle of the hottest year ever. As the planet plunges into a deep freeze.

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8 Responses to General George Armstrong Hansen At The Battle Of Little Big Nunavut

  1. Baa Humbug says:

    Very clever headline, gave me the funnies.
    Steve can you post the SST map as well please. That should tell us where the future lies.

  2. Sundance says:

    The battle cry can be, “Hansen’s B.S., we’ll have none of it at Nunavut!” (rim shot) ;*)

    • Glen Shevlin says:

      rim shot???? just barely, but we will let it go this time….

      • Sundance says:

        Thanks Glen for understanding! I have been recently diagnosed with “man caused global climate disruption Tourette’s disorder” and I often blurt out comments that I am incapable of controlling.

        HANSEN BLOWS!!!!

        See I can’t help it. ;*)

  3. Doug Proctor says:

    The +20K warm anomalies in the Hudson Bay area and parts of China/Siberia don’t make sense. It is very cold there. If it is only -20 instead of -45, then the numbers work mathematically, but all Canadians know that regionally we have a large variation in temperatures (and rain/snowfall) over the decades. Local changes are not global. Our grandparents regaled us with stories of cold and snow in the ’20s and heat and dry in the ’30s. In the 1870s the explorer Palliser said the eastern prairies (Manitoba) was a desert and unsuitable for agriculture. The bread basket of Canada for a long time now.

    Mathematically this picture has “global” something. But the data, considered locally, and with background, means nothing globally. Open water warms the air above it, but should not be viewed as evidence that there is a “20K” warming event going on.

  4. Jimbo says:

    Hansen realises that this might be his last shot for some time to come. Too late to affect the next conference in South Africa when the world might have cooled somewhat leaving a lot of red faces.

  5. CUZIN ERN says:

    When could it be said; “their heads were thicker than the ice before they measured it, or was it after they found out which one they thought they were referring too”????

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